The Cab Week: Behind The Music.

Okay so, sadly, ‘The Cab week’ here on the blog is nearly over. Although on the plus side, that does mean that the wait for the UK release of Symphony Soldier is also finally over.

I just wanted to use this post to explain another big reason as to why I’m so supportive of The Cab, and why they’re one of my favourite bands…ya’know, aside from their awesome music.

They are really nice guys. I love bands that appreciate their fans and make a lot of time for them, because I always think, we’re the one’s that put you where you are and if you’re not appreciative, why am I spending my time, money and energy on supporting your music, when you couldn’t care less?
And I can honestly say that The Cab are truly down-to-earth, genuine and super humble guys, and I think that’s great to see; artists who love their fans and make them feel appreciated. Like, the last time I met Alex D and he recognised me and knew who I was, that meant the world to me because he must meet so many fans on a day-to-day basis, and The Cab haven’t had much exposure here up until very recently, so the fact that he could remember me after 9 or so months was really an amazing feeling.

Also, Alex D has come over here twice before, on holiday, and he has tweeted and done meet-ups for fans so we could meet him and vice versa.
He doesn’t have to do that, but the fact that he took time out of his own plans to spend time with us and meet every single one of us individually, talk to us and sign things, that takes time, but he was/is willing to take that time because he actually enjoys meeting his fans and genuinely wants to do it.
He’s even said in interviews before that there’s “no excuse” not to stay in touch with your fans, and that bands are nothing without their fans, which I think is really sweet, and I have the utmost respect for him for that.

I mean, I’m a music journalist, and my main area I love is interviewing, because I enjoy meeting new people and getting to know them as people rather than just their music, so I think that when a band is as grounded and humble as The Cab boys, its quite endearing.

I remember posting a blog early last year called ‘So True’, in regards to appreciative bands (which you can check out here: and I mentioned Alex D in that post, and said that I hope one day I’ll get to meet him. If someone told me that day that within the next year or so, I would meet him THREE times AND interview the band via email then I may not have believed it. But these things have happened, and I remember when I first met Alex, I said to him: “You are an amazing man, from your music, your words, the things you say on Twitter, your blog, you should never change because you really are someone special, thank you for being you.” And that is still true for all of the band members, it’s all truly inspirational, as is the band’s music.

I’ve not had the pleasure of meeting Joey and Dave, or Alex Marshall – at length – yet but I have met singer, and if he is any indication they will all be complete sweethearts. I can only hope that one day I’ll get to meet the whole band, whether by interviewing them or not, and finally see them play live – I think walking out onstage and just chilling by the drums may be getting ahead of myself at the moment 🙂 haha – because after all the troubles the lads have had to go through in The Cab, they’ve never stopped fighting, and I am so glad because they’ve come out of the other side and are living the dream.

I couldn’t think of a band more deserving of every bit of good possible and hopefully we won’t have that long to wait until they can cross the pond and come share that dream, and the magic, with us.

NB I’ve posted blogs after each time I’ve met any of the band members so if you want to read those click here: Here: and Here: 🙂


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