If We Ever Meet Again… (The Cab Week)

Hi everyone and welcome to my first post of ‘The Cab week’, and if you don’t know what I’m talking about scroll down and read my previous post! 🙂

Okay so, I entered the competition to meet the lads in London but unfortunately, didn’t win. But one of Symphony Soldier UK street teams posted on Twitter that Singer and Marshall would be at the London Eye at 11am the next day, so naturally I went along. The Cab are one of my favourite bands – I’ve met singer twice when he’s visited London, but I’ve never met Marshall, Joey or Dave before so I figured, why not? sadly we don’t really see a lot of them over here.

I got to the London Eye a little late, but spotted Marshall and singer – who recognised me immediately and was like, “Hi, how’re you? How long’s it been? 6,7,8,9 months?” as I’d been at the last London meet up that he did in March, with Brock Falfas. And the fact that he remembered me was really awesome, because they must meet so many fans so it’s pretty nice. He was walking to the drinks/food stand and I was walking to the tables to find a place to stand comfortably, as I was on crutches so it was pretty hard to just stop, so we were trying to say hi whilst walking in opposite directions which was pretty funny. I sai hi to Alex Marshall and asked for a photo with him, and gave him a hug. He was really lovely, thanking me and signing a birthday card for my friends with the message “Happy Birthday, I love you!” inside.

With Alex Marshall

I also got (another!) photo with Alex DeLeon, and chatted to him for a bit. “I’ve got such a weird sense of Déjà vu from when we were over there.” He said to me pointing to the benches where we all gathered back in March last time he was over. He was also saying he was so jet-lagged that he’d been up since 4am and couldn’t tell if he was really over-tired or wide awake. I really wanted to buy him a coffee and give it to him but he was saying to Marshall that coffee was gross, so that idea went out the window. Then someone mentioned pro plus and he was like “I need some of that.” to which  replied, “just don’t take it and drink red bull and wonder why you’ve passed out.”

With Alex DeLeon

I also asked him about the Skype interview he suggested back in March and said he must have not seen my tweets, and he was really apologetic like “yeah I get a lot of tweets, sorry.” which I thought was super sweet and I said if he’s really busy not to worry about it, so he said if I spoke to one of the guys they were with we could sort something. But before I could do that I was approached by a red-head woman who asked if I was friends with the band or if I was there with friends, and I just said I saw on Twitter that they’d be here and I’m a really big fan, so I thought come say hi. I also mentioned what Alex had just said about speaking to their guy to organise an interview, as I run a blog, and she handed me a card and said to drop her an email. Turns out her name was Paula and she was the director of PR company Digital Rebel, who have names like Kelly Clarkson and Kings Of Leon on their projects list on their website: www.digitalrebelpr.com

The guys couldn’t really stay around long as they had the meet and greet with competition winners, which involved a trip on the London eye while the guys played some tracks for them in the pod. So they said they’d be back in a bit, and I was like “Have fun!” and Singer clapped me on the shoulder which I thought was in a ‘thank you for coming’ gesture. I did hear Marshall asking where he’d put the keyboard and Singer crouched down in front of him with his arms out and replied, I’ll hold it like this and balance and sing, which was really funny, but from the looks of the picture that Singer tweeted it looks like they solved that problem.

The picture that @alexanderdeleon tweeted.

I waited for them with some other girls I met that day, and we got on pretty well, and then when they got off Marshall came back and thanked us for waiting and said they were headed out. So we walked down with them, and got talking to the camera guy that was there and turned out he worked for The Sun online and the stuff was going on the ‘Bizzare’ showbiz page, so it’s awesome that the band are getting some UK exposure.

They both said bye, hugged us and we thanked each other for coming down, and singer said to me “See I told you I’d see you again, and I have, and I will.” and the PR lady Paula – who I was standing next to – agreed and said “Yep he’s said it now, I heard him.” To which I replied “and hopefully I’ll get to interview you at some point, hopefully.” and he gave me a little smile and was like “You will, you will.”

We stood and watched them being filmed getting into a black cab and driving away, and then left. But then on my way back I saw them come around the block and get out of the cab, so as they did I called out “back so soon?” and Alex Marshall smiled “yup.” And I for one, hope they will be.

NB –I don’t know what’s happening with my speech marks, some of them should be open speech marks but no matter what I do they come up as closed speech marks. I don’t know why, I’ve tried typing them in again, I’ve tried deleting the sentence and writing it again, I’ve tried copy and pasting an open speechmark over the closed speechmark, but no joy. So sorry if it’s confusing! I can actually use punctuation! haha 🙂


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