New Bands


I’ve really come to like Parachute after discovering their track Kiss Me Slowly on YouTube.

I couldn’t stop listening to it, then I started to listen to their other tracks, like She (For Liz), and it’s definitely clear that they are a really great band. The two songs showcase what the band can do brilliantly. She (For Liz) being an up-tempo affair with crunching guitars and piano work that sound reminiscent of Maroon 5, as well as an explosive chorus that had me wanting to dance around my room. While Kiss Me Slowly, is a slower, more romantic track.

Both songs have  beautiful melodies, great lyrics and emotion in spades. I’ll definitely be keeping my eye on these guys.

There For Tomorrow

I listened to There For Tomorrow on recommendation from a friend, and I really like their sound. With their melodic alternative rock they would sit pretty with the likes of Framing Hanley and Mayday Parade, but sadly, and surprisingly, aren’t as big. Which is baffling as their sound is tight, polished, and songs – like backbone – are catchy as hell with a chorus that would have crowds jumping and shouting along.

Wish You Away is also one I’d recommend, it has a bit more of a minor feel to it compared to Backbone, but still keeps its bite with a crashing, attention demanding chorus and a great melody.

I really can’t wait to hear more from these guys.

Keep It Cute

I first heard of Keep It Cute when they followed me on twitter, and I put them on my – evergrowing, it seems – list of bands to check out.
I gave a listen and really liked their pop/rock sound. This unsigned foursome from the US can bring the party, demonstrated by track This City with its fiery, catchy chorus, a beat that would incite a mass clap-along and has a very fun and upbeat vibe to go with it.

The band also aren’t afraid slow it down; their song Fairytale, having a more dreamy feel, with a great melodic and big sounding chorus.

Another one to keep an eye on.


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