Book Club: Until I Die by Amy Plum

This is a review of the second book in Amy Plum’s Revenant series. Get caught up and read my review on first book Die For Me here: otherwise this may not make much sense.

If you’ve read Die For Me, then you know that the last time we saw Vincent and Kate they were on a romantic boat ride in Paris for Kate’s birthday, after she killed Lucien – the leader of the Numa. Sworn immortal enemies of the Revenants, the Numa do not save lives, they take them. Until I Die jumps straight into the action, beginning in the middle of one of Kate’s fight training lessons. Thus gripping the reader from the start and not letting go, even long after you’ve fiished the book.

Having accepted the state of Vincent’s existence as a Revenant, he and Kate are looking for a way to be together properly, without him dying left, right and centre. For Vincent, he takes part in an ‘experiment’ in which he thinks he’s found a solution. But it drains him and makes him look like the undead immortal he really is. Having been kept in the dark about exactly what he’s doing, Kate is restless and decides to do her own research on finding a solution. Though, what comes next, neither of them was expecting. Finding themselves up against the vengeful Paris Numa and a new unexpected foe who has taken over as leader, will the Revenants overcome this betrayal? and will Kate and Vincent – who have been acting separately – finally find a way to be together?

Set in the city of Paris, Amy Plum does a great job of painting a vivid picture for the reader and giving the story a magical quality – which sparkles throughout the story, from the beautiful descriptions of the location(s) to the amazingly romantic nature of Kate and Vincent’s relationship.

Also, the Revenants are really well characterised in this book. In Die For Me, I feel that as you’re only just delving into the story you focus more on the two main characters as they are most integral. Though in this story, Jules, Ambrose and Gaspard, particularly, are given a lot more breathing room and add a lot of colour and flair, giving off a more lighthearted feel, which acts as a refreshing relief in the midst of all Vincent and Kate’s problems and keeps the story from being bogged down.

Jules in particular is the character that most sticks in my mind in terms of his colourful personality, as he is very charismatic and flirtatious; particularly with Kate. He doesn’t give too much away and has a certain mystique about him, but his flippant and playful humour add a warmth to his character and make him kind of desirable. Throughout the story in his interactions with Kate I had a revelation that I didn’t really see in the first book, I thought that was just his nature, but he says something to Kate and it clicked in my head and I just couldn’t shake the feeling that he is in love with her too. And if that came to light in this book, I’m really interested to see how, or even if, that develops in the third and final book.

Like, its previous, Until I Die also has some very intense and engaging action. You get little tastes of it throughout the story but the ending climax is truly gripping, and has a very unexpected twist. I found myself tearing through the pages to get to the end to see what would happen. The ending was agonizingly heart wrenching, I even found myself tearing up. But the story is left on a pretty big cliffhanger, and there is a little thread of positivity to hold on to that makes you think that maybe not all hope is lost.

I absolutely loved this book and this story, the plot twists were amazingly done and really did capture my attention completely. That coupled with the intense vivid descriptions made me feel like I’d been sucked in to the story (and makes me want to visit Paris myself!) The wait for the third and final book in the series is going to be a long one. I hate waiting for books, especially with cliffhangers like this and I can’t wait to get my hands on it to see if, and how, everything comes together for Kate and Vincent.


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