Chew Lips – Hurricane (XXXY remix)

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Chew Lips – Hurricane (XXXY remix)

Dance Electro-Pop two-some, Chew Lips, are set to release their newest single Hurricane – the first track from their upcoming new album – on September 3rd this year. With not long to wait this remix by producer XXXY has been revealed to wet our appetites. With its energetic, danceable beat and a sexy, sassy vibe, this could very well be a big summer hit.

Opening with a steady staccato beat and clipped vocals that mirror this, the track then continues into verses that showcase some contrasting smooth vocals, creating a rather sexy feel. There are a multitude of instruments that trickle in throughout, for instance the keyboard chords create an energetic feel to the chorus that will have crowds dancing in no time. This also creates a build up, giving listeners a sense of anticipation as to what will come next.

This song would be very much at home on the dance-floor of a nightclub, or the soundtrack to your summer. It is upbeat, bold, and mischievous, and although doesn’t have quite as big a sound as some club anthems out there, it leaves you wondering what else they can do, wanting more.

So if you like what you hear, check out the Chew Lips website for their current tour dates to see if they’re playing anywhere near you. Should you be unlucky, never fear, the band are busy putting the finishing touches to their, as yet untitled, album which is set for release in early 2013.


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