Tracks I’m Loving

Simple Plan ft. Sean Paul – Summer Paradise

Now when I first saw that this track was Sean Paul and Simple Plan, I immediately thought “WHAT?!” But it works really well. It’s got a great, chilled, summer melody, which I also thought was kinda pop/country-esque. The majority of the song is Pierre of Simple Plan’s vocals, with little one word injections from Sean Paul in certain places. Though, Sean Paul does leave his stamp on the track in a bigger way as he raps a verse which builds up to the final chorus. It’s very different territory for both artists. It’s a far cry from Simple Plan’s skate-punk rock and tracks like ‘Shut Up’, and Sean Paul’s R’n’B vibe, but it’s in no way a bad progression, it’s just different, and the outcome is a great piece of summer pop music. So get rolling down the windows and enter your summer paradise.

Flo Rida – Whistle

This track quite simply has a great upbeat summer vibe to it and is too catchy to ignore. Great to chill to in the sun with friends or to dance to on a night out.

Burn So Bright – Maybe

So if you follow my blog at all, you know that I saw these guys a few weeks ago supporting Room 94. I really enjoyed their set that night and have since really been loving their music. With a Paramore-esque sound, an insanely catchy chorus and a whirlwind of colour, this song definitely packs a punch. Singer, Millie’s vocal ability is undeniably great, and the band is incredibly tight and together. I’ll definitely be keeping my eyes on these guys and I can’t wait to hear what more they have to offer. If this is any indication, it’ll be great.

Professor Green ft Sierra Kusterbeck – Avalon

I freaking love this track. Seirra Kusterbeck of rock two-some Versaemerge lends guest vocals, and like the first track in this post it may look like an unlikely match on paper, but in practice it works amazingly. Pro Green’s gritty rap vocals are a great contrast to Sierra’s and the two compliment each other brilliantly.
The opening bars sound reminiscent of something Jay-Z might do, but as the track moves into the verses the mood becomes darker, and more of a rock sound comes through, which holds a sense of anticipation. The bridge introduces Sierra’s vocals and the contrasting high register and smoothness of her vocals are soothing, and also create a sense of calm which the chorus smashes through. There is a constant dissipate and build-up throughout, the chorus exploding with melody and energy, knitting together the two musical styles to create something that fits together and works well. It’s also great that Sierra has been brought into the mainstream a little more as she is super talented, and hopefully this exposure will gain some new Versa fans. Also look out for the new Relentless energy drink advert – this track features on it.


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