Style Over Substance?

Here’s another small piece, again, I  wrote this a while back for a uni project. The brief was to do a 150 word piece on Nikki Minaj, and again my tutor absolutely loved it, so I thought I’d post it here.

Style Over Substance?

Nicki Minaj is the newest – and possibly quirkiest – edition to the R’n’B family. With a love of pink and all things kitsch, she’s not afraid to embrace the outrageous like leopard print hair and overly tall attention demanding wigs, reminiscent of a combination of the kookiness of Katy Perry and the extrovert tendencies of Lady Gaga.

With characters such as Harujuku Barbie, this lady has many stage personas and many wacky costumes. Though this is not entirely original is it? Grace Jones did it in the 70’s and Lady Gaga shocked us when she burst onto the scene in ‘05. So aren’t these attention-seeking tactics a bit ‘old hat’?

With an array of awards Minaj must be doing something right, but if she’s turning heads for her fashions is she in danger of becoming style over substance? And if Minaj is going Gaga, haven’t we seen it all before?


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