Stand Out To Fit In

I wrote this a while back for a uni project, the brief was to do a 150 word piece on Camden  Market. As 15 year old me spent most of my weekends walking around the market and soaking up the atmosphere, I knew this wouldn’t be a problem. Incidentally my tutor absolutely loved it so I thought I’d post it here. That, and the sun is out and this piece reminds me of summers when my friends and I used to walk around Camden laughing together and it makes me smile. So I hope you enjoy reading this, I’m off to enjoy the sun!

Stand Out To Fit In

‘Coming here feels like coming home’ thought my 15 year old self amidst the whirlwind of colour, enticing smells, and overall atmosphere of Camden Market.

It seems to me, to be a place people go when they don’t fit in anywhere else. Punks with mile-high Mohawks sit on the lock bridge, all-black-wearing, pale-faced Goths shop in The Black Rose and neon-loving Cyber-Punks gravitate toward the strobe lights and pulsing rave beat in popular shop Cyberdog.

You can buy everything from crazy trinkets, band merchandise and clothes you can’t get anywhere else – without the hefty price tag – or just sample the many types of food vendors around; smells hanging in the air, beckoning the many tourists that venture here.

It’s a place that doesn’t judge people deemed different by the standards of today’s youth. To fit in you have to stand out, I did, and it always welcomed me.


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