You Me At Six Set Brixton On Fire (Live Review)

Okay so I decided to put this up today in honour of You Me At Six’s latest album Sinners Never Sleep going gold. I wrote this a while back for a uni project and also submitted it to my uni magazine Bespoke. Enjoy.

You Me At Six
Brixton 02 Academy, London
Saturday October 15th 2011

The Surrey rock quintet prove that they may have been down but they are certainly not out.

Brixton is buzzing as the throng of You Me At Six fans leave the station on route to the 02 Academy. You can tell who the Sixers are tonight; guys in their hoodies and skinny jeans, and girls in shorts and vests that you’d think were inappropriate for the mid October chill.

Looking out at the mass of excited young eyes, and bright multicoloured heads bobbing along to the music that plays from the venue’s PA, you can see You Me At Sixhave come a long way since the beginning in 2005; with three studio albums and headline shows at venues such as The Astoria and Hammersmith Apollo to their name. Though, following the release of 2008’s pop punk storm ‘Take Off Your Colours’ and 2010’s top five album ‘Hold Me Down’, the band began to struggle under the weight, professionally and personally; arguing amongst themselves, but also coming together to face issues like the death of drummer Dan Flint’s father just days before the record was due for release.

Now they find themselves at the forefront of British rock music, gaining radio play and reaching number one in the midweek charts with new album ‘Sinners Never Sleep’.“They said rock music was dead,” screams Josh Franceschi mid set, “But [the recent chart position] is proof that UK rock is very much alive.”

Lower Than Atlantis try to get the night underway, but sadly sounded more like noise than music. It’s only when they resort to playing a Foo Fighters medley that the crowd gets going, if only for a short while. Deaf Havana on the other hand, bring an injection of life with their melodic punk pop; the gaggle singing along to favourites such as Friends Like These’. Frontman James Veck-Gilodi plays with the crowd, commanding us to sit on the floor and jump up “when [the song] kicks in.” As the whole floor jumps up in unison, tonight’s proceedings are finally properly underway.

At last our underdog heroes take the stage, met with an almighty roar of delight. They play old classics like ‘Save It For The Bedroom’, belters like ‘Stay With Me’, and slower tracks ‘Fireworks’ and ‘Tigers and Sharks’, proving that they are about more than just the party. They only showcased four new songs from ‘Sinners Never Sleep’ such as the crowd pleasing first single ‘Loverboy’, blistering second single ‘Bite My Tongue’, and explosive ‘Little Death’, a homage to Dan’s father.

 “There is one important element to our live show,” Josh says, “and that is you and us have to share some kind of chemistry” And tonight we do. And you can feel it. The crowd screaming along to every word, the vibrant, colourful light show enveloping us in its warmth; feeling like an affectionate hug between us and the band.

As set closer Underdog ends, all three bands are onstage, jumping around having fun together, and you get the sense that this is the beginning of a whole new adventure for YMAS, and you’re invited.


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