New Bands

A Day Overdue

I was requested to check these guys out on Twitter by the band’s drummer Dave, and I’m so glad I did because they have a really great sound.
The pop-punk 5 piece, hailing from Glasgow, have shared the stage with some well known bands like My Passion, Elliot Minor and Taking Hayley (who you’ll come across later in this blog.) They’ve also been featured in mainstream rock music magazines like Kerrang!, Rocksound, FRONT, and Black Velvet, and have made a friend of Alex Gaskarth of All Time Low.  Check out their official video for their very catchy track ‘Storylines’ Below:


I have no doubt that this track will have crowds happily bouncing along; it’s incredibly catchy, and if this is a sign of things to come I’ll definitely be keeping my eyes, and ears, on these guys.


Renee Blair

Renee Blair is an aspiring country singer from Nashville Tennessee. She followed me on Twitter and so naturally I thought I’d check out her music. She has a YouTube channel with a few covers videos up, including Lady Gaga’s You and I, and after watching a couple of them I had no doubt that she could really sing. One video that really caught my attention though was her ‘Through The Wire’ video. According to the video Renee Blair was in a near fatal accident and fractured her jaw in two places, but that didn’t stop her, as only 3 weeks later she recorded the video, with her mouth still wired shut. Watching the video I was so struck by how her vocals were still great and how she just kept going. I thought it was incredible and inspiring and I really wanted to mention it in some way on the blog.

Visit Renee’s YouTube channel to see this video and more:

Sail By the Stars

Sail by the Stars is a sunny, pop/rock, one-man-band” according to Facebook, and when listening it immediately struck me how polished and together everything sounds. This is excellent! I really could see this guy playing shows, either with a band or solo, making music videos for TV and getting really big if he can get the following, and word of mouth to help him on his way. Tracks like ‘Lovebug’ have a stripped back acoustic feel whereas other tracks like ‘My Shooting Star’ have a little more of pop/rock feel to it that kind of puts me in mind of Austin Nivarel’s sound (who I really love.)


I’ll definitely be watching out for more from Sail By the Stars.


Taking Hayley.

Taking Hayley are a pop/rock four piece from Birmingham, UK. From what I have heard of them they have an extremely catchy sound, slightly reminiscent of Kids In Glass Houses. Oh and the guys do a pretty awesome pop/rock cover of Labyrinth’s ‘Earthquake’, which you can find on their YouTube channel.


I really like what I’ve heard from the guys so far; they only have 5 videos on their YouTube channel, but they are currently working on their debut album through, fans-invest-in-bands scheme, Pledge Music. The album is available for pre-order now over at and guitarist Levi Keeling tells me that there are also “some other really cool Taking Hayley exclusives on the site.” So make sure you check them out too. I can’t wait to hear more from these guys and see what else they have to offer.


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