7/7/12: Kerrang Klub night @ The Garage

We’re all here for the same reason: We love rock music.

It’s a Saturday night and there is a huge queue outside London’s venue The Garage, sponsored by Relentless energy drink. The queue system is a little confusing at first; there’s one queue for guestlist and one queue for people with tickets, the guestlist queue is the longer of the two, but when you factor in that this is the first ever Kerrang! Klub night it’s understandable. After some initial confusion around me being on guestlist with record label Criminal Records, we were given our wristbands and told we could now go in and enjoy ourselves, and enjoy ourselves we did.

We got in and after a quick scout around the, much smaller, 2nd room we went through to the main room, which featured DJ’s such as:
Katie P (Kerrang! New Music Editor, Kerrang! Radio)
Daniel P Carter (BBC Radio One Rock Show)
The Gallows
The Kut
and Criminal Record’s own Miss Foxy.

We walked in to the sound of Taking Back Sunday’s track ‘Cute Without The E’, and first DJ of the night, Kerrang!’s very own Katie P on the decks. The colourful lighting and the overhead projection of the typical Kerrang! visuals you may recognise from the TV channel, I.E The Spaceman, the bunny, and the Kerrang! K!, gave the room a really welcoming, familiar feel and there was a hint of anticipation in the air; a feeling that something good was going to happen tonight.

After getting our drinks at the bar, we went into the dancefloor and danced to the sounds of Panic! At The Disco, Limp Bizkit and Drowning Pool’s explosive track ‘Bodies’. We watched people thrash themselves around in the middle of the floor, and groups of people jumping around and without a doubt, having fun. Which is what tonight is all about.

The dancefloor became increasingly crowded as the night went on and we decided to go and stand nearer the bar, but still in full view of the goings on – amongst which some people were even helping their friends into the air in an attempt to crowd surf. I spoke to Kerrang!’s Katie P later on in the evening too, curious to see if she would remember me from my short work experience stint at K! in summer 09. Thinking about it there was really no question that I’d go on to study music journalism after doing that really. Katie said that she genuinely thought 200 people would turn up – as had confirmed on Criminal Records’ Facebook event – but was glad that, in fact, more people had and it was going really well. And the night did go well; the turn out was absolutely brilliant, and people were dancing and enjoying themselves to a soundtrack of great rock music.

Though one thing I will say is that, I think the night could maybe benefit from club nights for specific genres. For instance, you could have one night as a nu-metal club night, then have the next month as a pop/rock club night etc. My only reason for saying this is that there were some DJ sets I really enjoyed, but there were some others that I didn’t as much because they were so different, and I did come across a comment on the event page that night with someone else posting, during the night, that they’d only heard one good set. However, having said that I did also think that it was really nice that the night was inclusive for all fans of rock music regardless of genre specifics and to have all those types of rock fans under one roof, at one event. So that’s just a matter of personal specific music taste really, but the night was still a lot of fun and for a launch night, was excellent.

I also met Claudia Foxcroft of Criminal Records, who are joint hosts of the night and the company I was working for a while back. We spoke just before I was due to leave, my taxi was booked for 2.30pm and the night finished at 4.00pm, so unfortunately I missed both her’s and Sharon’s – the managing director of Criminal records – DJ sets. As we waited for our taxi Sharon had hit the decks and as the sounds of Slipknot’s Duplicity leaked through the door and I was kicking myself that we had to leave. There was also a raffle to win tickets to 3 day festival, Redfest, and you could win other things like an exclusive latex vest by Lacing Lilith, CDs & t-shirts, and there was a special burlesque fire performance by Sophia Disgrace, which you can see in the video below:

All in all, it was an absolutely great night and a lot of fun, I’d definitely go again. And keep in mind that this was just the launch party, once word gets out I have no doubt the nights will just get bigger and better.

Next month’s bill includes, Kerrang! Editor James McMahon,
A DJ set from The Blackout,
Dave McPherson from INME,
Silent Descent,
Hopeless Heroic,
and DJ Guy Hauben from the ‘Uprawr’ club night,
As well as a DJ set from south-east London rockers Adelaide, in room 2.

So Kerrang! Klub night was born, and judging by last week’s performance, and the acts on next month’s bill, it seems they’ll be a lot more where that came from. Onwards and upwards I say.



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