Book Club: Silence by Becca Fitzpatrick


Nora Grey has been kidnapped, and after waking up in a cemetery she seems to have lost the last five months of her life – remembering nothing, even her boyfriend Patch. In First book of the saga Hush Hush Nora learns of the existence of Nephilim and Fallen angels and falls, pardon the pun, for fallen angel Patch. In Crescendo Nora and Patch’s relationship hits a stumbling block when he cannot tell her he loves her, as he isn’t supposed to be with her. After an argument with Nora, Patch is assigned to be resident high school popular girl, Marcie’s guardian angel. The book ends at an amusement park with someone who Nora saw as a friend, turning on her and admitting that he has actually been trying to get close enough to kill her. When Nora is shot Patch comes through for her and the book ends with the two together, but just when all seems fine a major cliffhanger erupts and leads the way for book three – Silence.

The start of Silence is a flashback to three months before Nora is released from being held captive by The Black Hand, or Marcie’s dad Hank Millar – who also happens to be Nora’s biological father. Patch makes a desperate deal with Hank that if he releases Nora, Hank’s men can tear out his wings – though he didn’t anticipate that Hank would double cross him and keep Nora for insurance. For Patch also promised to spy on the Fallen Angels for Hank, as Hank is the head honcho when it comes to Nephilim and he is building an army to overthrow the fallen angels – who force Nephilim to swear fealty so that, that particular fallen angel can possess that body through the month of Cheshvan.

When Nora comes to in a cemetery, she is alone and remembers nothing, the only thing she finds is a long black feather which she assumes to be from an eagle or a large bird and keeps it. When approached by detective Basso, Nora doesn’t recognise him and runs away. She then discovers she was kidnapped three months previously, and perhaps is blocking out the trauma she faced during that time. Though that doesn’t explain why she can’t remember as far back as five months – and she sets out to find answers and piece together the months of her life that are missing. She also keeps having weird hallucinations involving Hank, a guy named Jev and a caged girl, and struggles to make sense of these.

During this time Nora’s old Nephilim friend Scott Parnell comes back and at first Nora doesn’t recognise him, but after being in his company things start to fall into place. Nora also meets Jev, a mysterious black-eyed boy who, the reader’s know, bares striking resemblance to Patch. She gets a sense of familiarity from Jev but can’t place who he actually is, and he seems intent on not giving her any answers.

Though while Nora wishes she could see Jev again, Hank Millar is dating her mother and she is being made to play happy families. So when Nora does see ‘Jev’ again and tells him of this, Jev realises he has been double crossed by Hank again – as he said he’d leave Nora alone, but if he’s getting close to Nora and he mother it must be for a reason. He tells Nora everything: He is her ex-boyfriend Patch, she was kidnapped by Hank Millar and he erased her memory, but in addition to that Patch asked him to erase to back before him and Nephilim and Fallen Angels, so Nora could live a happy normal life.

So it seems that the two people she trusts most – her mother and Vee – have both kept Path’s existence from her and have been selecting which parts of her former life to tell her. But now that she knows everything Patch and Nora get back together and form an alliance to bring Hank down.

Then when Nora goes to help Scott escape town (as he is being hunted by The Black Hand’s men to be part of the army) she is again, captured by Hank and his men. When Patch learns of this he imprisons Hank in a chamber in his flat. It turns out that Hank can no longer lead his Nephilim army and, as his biological daughter, wants Nora to do it. When she refuses he threatens her mother’s – who he also has captured – and Patch’s lives, forcing her to make a vow from that day forward to embrace her Nephilim blood and lead Hank’s army.

Wondering how she will ever confess this to Patch, Nora goes back to his flat to find him there. She apologizes and tries to explain what she had to do but he tells her that he already knows – and  to Nora’s surprise it’s okay. Because of the Fallen angels forcing Nephilim to swear fealty and possessing their bodies, the two clans are deadly enemies, now Nora is their leader and Patch is on the opposite side. But Patch convinced the fallen angels that having Nora lead the army is a good thing as she will stop the war.

When Patch tells Nora he has Hank Shackled in a back room and that he will kill him if Nora prefers, she declines and says she wants to see him. She then decides not to kill him as she doesn’t want that on her conscience for the rest of her life – she doesn’t want him to be able to affect her anymore. However, while explaining this to Patch she catches sight of Hank with a blazing ball of blue flame in one hand and the black ‘eagle’ feather Nora found in the cemetery in the other.
Previous to this Nora was taunted by Hank that the feather was one of Patch’s and it is dangerous, as if the feather falls into the wrong hands and that person burns it, Patch will burn in hell. So when Nora see’s him set to destroy it she shoots him without a second thought. And then it’s just the imposing war to take care of…

I really enjoyed the first and second book in The Hush Hush Saga, but I did kind of loose it with this one. I liked reading it but I just found it a little frustrating as everything Nora can’t remember the reader already knows from reading the previous two books in the saga, and the majority of the book is Nora fighting to remember things. While there were some exciting plot twists – for example the car accident – they were few, and I didn’t feel that this book captivated me as much as the other two; I felt it was a little bit of a filler book, getting you ready for the dramatic finale in the series – the war between the Nephilim and fallen angels, and whether Nora and Patch’s love can withstand all. We shall see.

I’m definitely looking forward to reading the final book so I’m glad I kept going and finished this one, because as I said it was good and there were some exciting bits. I did feel it was a little ‘filler’ but maybe I needed to go back and re-read the last two to get back into the story and then read this one – which I didn’t do. But I’d still say this is a really good series and if you’re into angels/fallen angels in fiction I’d recommend it.


2 thoughts on “Book Club: Silence by Becca Fitzpatrick

  1. I skipped most of your review except for the end because I haven’t read this book yet and I didn’t want to read any spoilers. I really wasn’t a fan of the first book Hush Hush, but then I loved the second book so much! So I will be very interested to see what I think of this next one.

    The memory thing does sound very annoying, but then, maybe it could be useful seeing as I don’t remember the previous books very well! Lol. 🙂

    P.S. Patch *droooool* :L

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