New Bands.

FYI: All these bands are pop/rock bands.

Since Forever

The Coast and You.

This Nashville three-piece are an exciting, upbeat whirlwind of pop/rock that immediately grabs your attention and will put a smile on your face and have you dancing and jumping along in no time! Their Facebook bio describes them as “remember that time you liked that boy and all you could think about was what it would be like to kiss him? That is Since Forever.” If that puts you in mind of falling in love, that heady rush and that mile wide smile on your face that you can’t get rid of while – in this case – you’re listening to their music, then that description is dead on; once you’ve listened it’s easy to fall in love with the party that is Since Forever.!/sinceforevertn

Promise Me Tomorrow

Haven’t Seen The Best of Me.

Promise Me Tomorrow are a, currently, unsigned band hailing from Kent, UK. The four-piece formed in 2010 and have just snagged themselves a support slot with fellow up and coming rockers Paige next month. The band’s catchy chorus’ and pop/rock sound will no doubt be a hit with the crowds and hopefully will be a helping hand in getting their music out there to more people – as it should. In the words of their song title, we haven’t seen the best, or  thankfully the last, of these boys yet.!/promisemetomorrowuk

Room 94


Room 94 are a North London based four-piece made up of three brothers Kieran, Dean, Sean and their friend Kit. Their pop/rock explosion is full of colour, fun, is slightly cheeky and a little mischievous. Full of catchy refrains that will undoubtedly get crowds going, you’d never guess the bands members where so young (ranging from 17-24) it shows that there really is no age limit on being capable of making good music. The guys are also touring the UK this August so if you want to join the party and see what it’s all about check out the dates on their Twitter page.!/ROOM94


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