New Band’s I’ve Discovered that I like.

Title says it all really so let’s just get into it.

A Road To Damascus

I found out about this band after they added me as a contact on YouTube. I figured I’d give them a listen and I’m glad I did because I really like them.
Their very much a rock band and their songs are a whirlwind of catchy hooks, smooth and brash vocals, and a huge sound that suggests the guys have been signed for years and should be playing gigs worthy of such a band. They’re a small 5 piece hailing from Copenhagen, Denmark (UK) and while they exude the qualities of being capable of sitting well among the mass of pop/punk artists out there, as of yet the band are still emerging. But no doubt, their self titled E.P will be a major helping hand; the big, polished sound proves that you don’t need a label to produce a quality album. There are no filler tracks here and every track is tight and solid, everything fitting like pieces of a puzzle. When I listened to the E.P I found myself constantly thinking ‘why are these guys not signed?!’ they stand out as artists in their own right, this is a band that should be as big as their mainstream counterparts, and their songs would no doubt, get crowds pumping their fists wildly and going crazy for more. As their song says: The best is yet to come. So watch out.
Tracks I’d recommend:
The Best Is Yet To Come
Forever and another day
Head high, hands down

Their full self titled debut is available through ITunes, and available to stream via YouTube now.

Marianas Trench
I discovered this American pop/rock 4 piece after my friend over at did an interview with the band about their newest album ‘Ever After’.
I checked them out initially because she likened them to The Cab (who we all know I absolutely love) and I think I might have just found one of my new favourite bands.
On first listen I recognised that this is a band that can write and produce amazing songs. Tracks like ‘Haven’t Had Enough’ (which put me a little bit in mind of The Summer Set’s sound) is a feel-good track with a beat that makes you want to get up and dance to it, whilst having quite meaningful lyrics. While tracks like ‘Good To You’ drips with raw emotion, flawless vocals and a solid and powerful instrumental. I can only sit and ask myself ‘why are these guys not massive?!?!’ They really should be, I’m so glad I discovered their work and I can only hope that many many more people do because if new track ‘Fallout’ is the start of things to come from Marianas Trench I really can’t wait to hear more.

Tracks I’d recommend:
Haven’t had Enough
Good to you ft Jessica Lee
All to myself
Beside you.

Fort Worth
If you’re a regular visitor to my blog, you’ll know that I recently did a review on this band’s E.P ‘Runaway’. Whilst their more heavier Bring Me The Horizon esque stuff is not really my thing, the band is really growing on me. I really liked ‘Runaway’ opener ‘Altercate’, a brooding track opening with guitars and drums, that explodes into a sea of sound that has a certain familiarity to it. It is tuneful and almost reminiscent of the You Me At Six party sound of their older albums like Take Off Your Colours, but there is an underlying element of darkness to the song that separates it from having a full on party vibe. It is tuneful, with vocals that have a slight ferocity to them, and gang vocals that will have crowds screaming along to it. As said there is an air of familiarity to the track and a likeness to a lot of bands on the scene. The boys list bands such as: Deaf Havana, Youmeatsix, and A Day To Remember, among their influences and you can definitely hear that. It’s a song that will get crowds of fans bouncing along, pumping their fists.
The band also have the leading single from their newest offering “What Doesn’t Speak Can’t Scream” up for free download via bandcamp. ‘You Never (Told Me To…)’ is a heavy whirlwind of shouting vocals and a tight, strong instrumental that needs to be played loud to fully appreciate it and will surely have you bobbing your head along by the time you’re finished listening to it.

Download ‘You Never (Told Me To…)’ here:


Ok so I have a bit of a confession to make…The band’s guitarist Paddy Jordan previously contacted me through the blog asking if I’d like to do a review of the band if I liked the stuff, and truthfully one thing and another got in the way and I never got around to it. Sorry Paddy! But I can now say that I finally took the time to listen to them recently and I really liked what I found. First track ‘It’s not the end’ will have crowd shouting along to its chorus, and it personally reminded me of (now defunct band) Out Of Sight, and Me Vs Hero’s sound, which intrigued me to listen to more. The band produce catchy pop/rock tracks that are fun, feel good and dance-able. A great mix if you ask me.

Check out the guys’ Facebook page for current tracks:


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