Book Club: Divergent By Veronica Roth

Ok so I literally just finished reading this book and it is amazing, definitely captivating due to all the action involved, and just a really great action packed story that totally keeps you on your feet throughout. *WARNING* THIS MAY CONTAIN SPOILERS, though I’ve tried to keep it to a minimum.

Divergent is the story of a dystopian world that has been divided into 5 factions, and each faction values certain traits. There is:
Abnegation: The Selfless
Erudite: The Intelligent
Amity: The Peaceful
Candor: The honest
and Dauntless: The brave.
Or you can live factionless, which is to be cut off from community and society as a whole and live in poverty outside of the 5 main city compounds – not something anybody really wants.

Beatrice Prior is brought up in Abnegation, however, she never feels quite as though she fits in. When a person turns 16 they go through an aptitude test and attend a choosing ceremony. The aptitude test determines which faction you should be in, and from those results you can choose to stay within your faction with your family and everything  you know, or change to another faction. However, during her aptitude test Beatrice’s results come back inconclusive, which means her results do not indicate one faction she is best suited for; Beatrice is Divergent. Being divergent is dangerous, and Beatrice must keep this to herself. During her choosing ceremony Beatrice switches factions to Dauntless. The Black-clad, tattooed, fearless faction. As soon as the choosing is over Beatrice is whisked away to the Dauntless HQ, and doesn’t see her family and won’t be able to until visiting day; which she’s sure none of her family will come to as to leave your faction and your family brings shame on those you leave.
In the weeks that follow Tris undergoes a series of high-octane, adrenaline pumping tasks to prepare her for Dauntless life, like jumping on and off moving trains, standing there while someone throws knives at you, firing guns and fighting the other initiates. During this time the initiates are ranked and the top 10 make it into Dauntless. The others who fail initiation will be factionless. She also meets Four, one of the Dauntless trainers who Tris slowly develops a bond with.

It’s a thrilling ride of heart pounding moments, and as you see Tris blossom into Dauntless life, you know this is where she belongs. The things she has to go through along the way strengthen her character to the point that, by the end of the novel when she’s shooting people left right and centre, it seems natural. You see the hard side of her character come through, just as you see Four’s tough instructor facade melt away as he and Tris’s relationship develops.

There’s surprise after surprise after surprise in this book and by the last few chapters you just want to keep reading as fast as you can to see what happens. It’s brutal and insanely action packed and I could imagine it all, and imagine that the last battle would translate really well on screen if the vivid way it is written is anything to go by. It’s also another book that, whilst it has the subplot of a love story, the action and plot twists stay firmly at the forefront of the book and the love story just adds an extra element rather than becoming just all about that.

The way the book ends is really inspiring and strong; the idea of acting even in the midst of your biggest fear instead of cowering away from it is a strong message within, and the strength of Triss’s character is amazing, she doesn’t need anyone’s help, she can do it alone, and that’s really empowering for that character, as well as I think maybe even slightly for the reader. I can’t wait for Insurgent, and I’d recommend this series for anyone who likes something that will keep them on their toes and interested right up until the end, and maybe even after.


4 thoughts on “Book Club: Divergent By Veronica Roth

  1. Oooooh! Fandabbytastic review. 🙂
    Okay, you and another blogger have finally convinced me. I value both of your opinions highly so this book is now being put on my wishlist!

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