Meeting Alex DeLeon…(again.)

Hey everyone,

Ok so first I just wanted to say, I haven’t posted in over a month now and the simple reason for that is that I’ve just been too busy with things that need my immediate attention. And even though I have things that I want to blog about, blogging has had to take a back seat so I could do other things that absolutely have to be done. That being said, this blog could not wait, and as I got up pretty early this morning I have some free time to do it. 🙂

So as you can probably tell from the title I met Alex DeLeon – the singer of The Cab – again whilst he was in London on Monday. Singer has been on a European adventure for the past week or so, and has been meeting fans in cities along the way. Singer tweeted on Saturday that he would be hanging out with fans in Cardiff on Sunday, and asked if anybody wanted to hang in London on Monday. He then tweeted on Sunday that he would be meeting fans outside the London Eye at 5pm.

When Monday finally came around there was so much excitement going on, I was ready half an hour early and ready to leave, knots of excitement and anticipation in my stomach, all I wanted to do was get there – I’d rather be super early than late. As it turns out, I was super early; getting there with half an hour to spare.
I texted my friend to make sure she was still coming and just sat and waited, and when she got there a girl sitting next to me turned to me and asked, “This is going to sound weird, but are you waiting for Alex from The Cab?” to which I obviously replied yes, and we all started talking – it’s great how music unites people.

When Alex turned up he wasn’t as far up as we were so we stood and walked over to where he was only to meet him walking back our way. I gave a shy little wave and he was like “Hey, how are you guys?” and gave me a hug. With a guitar in hand he walked with us and was asking how we were, how our weeks had been and vice versa. He said he’d had one of the best weeks ever and proceeded to tell us where he’d been in the past few days. (Dublin for St Patrick’s day and Mother’s day they were in Cardiff – where he and Brock Falfas, who designs merch, walked round a castle with a bunch of fans and according to Brock even “slayed some dragons”- if you were wondering.)

We all gathered around where Singer sat with the guitar and it turned into, almost like a Q and A, I think most people were too shy to make it like a full on conversation. He asked us if we had questions, we asked, he answered. I asked if I could give him something, and gave him a little bit of paper with my blog URL on, I explained how I’d been in touch with the band’s manager and interviewed the band via email for this very blog. He seemed really interested and said he would definitely have a look. (So Singer if you’re reading this at all, Hi :)!)  I also added that hopefully I’ll get to interview the band in person one day, and asked when they were coming to play here. (“That’s why you should come play here, so I can interview you guys before the show”) to which he said they were hoping to get here in Summer/Fall. He also said that if I wanted to stick around I could ask him a few questions later, to which I was thrilled, he then went on to say that if any of us ever needed anything from him – like interviews – he was there for us.

After a while he sung a few songs for us and asked if we had any requests – I asked if he could sing Endlessly – to which he said “I’ll sing it to you.”

I also couldn’t help feeling a little bad for him, there we all were stood around him in awe just wanting to hear what he had to say, but you could tell at times he didn’t know what to say as he didn’t want to bore us, which, for future reference Mr. DeLeon, we were all there to see you, you could never bore us :).
He kept saying that we were “So shy,” and asked what he could to do “liven us up.” to which one woman from Vegas replied “they’re polite English people.”
Though when one woman said she was quiet and reserved, Alex invited her to sit next to him and put his arms around her, and at one point, almost sat on her.
He also commented at one point that “I need to marry a chick who will travel with me.” To which everyone went quiet and I piped up “I’ll travel with you :)” and he was like, “Will you?”

We also found out that Alex has a little bit of an obsession with eyes. He kept telling people how they had amazing eyes, to which I complimented him and said that his own eyes were amazing. Someone also asked if we could see his hair but, in the nicest way possible, he said no. Though he did take part of it from his hat and show us what it looked like before tucking it back in and saying “So, it just chills in the hat.” – but Alex, you do know that constantly wearing a hat can make you go bald quicker?!

Singer shared some anecdotes with us, like that they’d been to Camden that morning which he’d thought was “awesome.” How Brock has bought 3 pairs of the same glasses (see picture below: ) which he then whipped out in both hands to hold up and show us, so he had a back up back up pair – apparently they were on offer.

He bought THREE pairs!

Alex also told us how he gets mistaken for other people a lot, Bam Margera, Justin Timberlake – to which he was surprised – and at one point even Ville Valo of HIM.
“This woman just ran up to me, grabbed my face and kissed me, and I was like Whoaa! Then her boyfriend walked up to me and was like ‘oh my god I’m so sorry, she’s a little bit intoxicated, she thought you were the singer from HIM, then was like ‘is it ok if I tell her that you are and make her night? So some chick thinks she kissed the singer of HIM, but it was just me.”

He also spoke to us about the whole deal with labels and whether they are now signed or not – which they are – and I commented on how, by refusing to compromise their artistic integrity with the last album Symphony Soldier, and leaving their previous label, “that has gained you a lot more respect from, I can’t speak for everyone here, but at least for me.” Which he thanked me for and said that, that period of time was really hard and confusing time and if it wasn’t for people like us and our support he doesn’t know what would’ve happened to the band. Well I for one can say thank god you came out the other side.
There also may be some truth to the rumour of the lads working with Justin Timberlake, Alex said “Everytime I see him we always say let’s get in the studio,” but apparently when it comes to it, the band is either on tour or Justin is off shooting a movie, so it’s not worked out yet, but watch this space.

We also were told how one of the former members of The Cab is now in Slash’s band, of which he said, “You can’t really get mad.” He said that Slash was at a Cab show at one point and “Slash does not like The Cab, ya’know?” I asked if he spoke with him at all and he said, “I didn’t talk to him, I saw him and kinda head nodded, but I didn’t speak to him, he probably would’ve decked me.” He adds quietly.

Alex asked Brock to film little bits of the day – here’s a link to Alex’s Keek of singing Endlessly for us-   and he wanted a group picture with everyone so he could tweet that too, and soon enough we were all up in little clusters of groups with Alex taking pictures, signing things, recording videos and generally being an all round amazingly sweet guy. Whilst we were waiting for him, Brock came over to speak to us and asked our opinion on a new t-shirt design for the band, and took some pics with us after thinking my friend was taking a photo and jumping in the back.

Heyyy, it’s me and Brock Falfas.

When he came to us he said he remembered us from the Top Man visit and we got pictures with him and he signed my phone.

He also sang some more songs for us and sang ‘That 70’s song’ while a fan played guitar for him, you also get to see Brock having a dance.

He also asked a girl who wrote and sang to sing one of her original songs for us, and said “This is a bit awkward for me so it’s great to hear someone else sing.”

And after a good two hours of hanging out with us all Alex and Brock had to go, so they both came round and hugged us all and said goodbye. I said I’d tweet Alex the link to my blog and he was like “Do you have Skype? Can you do a Skype interview?” and obviously I said yes, and he replied, “Let’s do that.” So fingers crossed that happens!

But it was an undoubtedly great day and I just want to say thank you – even though he was telling us not to thank him and thanking us for coming down – to Alex for taking time out of his holiday to meet fans and spend that amount of time with us. You are such an amazingly down to earth and genuine guy and it was so sweet to see how humbled you were by all of our attention. You have a way with words that is amazing, so keep doing what you do best because you are so inspiring.


To see the other videos I took head to my YouTube channel.


8 thoughts on “Meeting Alex DeLeon…(again.)

  1. WOW! That sounds absolutely amazing!!! I’m sitting here with a completely cheesy grin on my face. I feel excited just from hearing you describe it! He sounds like such an amazing and grounded guy, and he obviously really cares about his fans.
    You’ve got some fantastic pictures as well! It all just sounds like some amazing dream .
    Also, I took your advice and listened to some of their music, I think their great! I espcially love Endlessly, and I’m looking forward to listening to more of their songs when I get the chance. 🙂
    How did you come across them in the first place?

  2. Awwww! I’m glad you like. Yeah it was a pretty amazing day! and he definitely does! I think it makes it so much better when artists appreciate their fans like that, it kinda puts me off when people are snobby to their fans. Oh that’s cool! I’m so glad you liked them! their newer album Symphony Soldier has a different vibe than their first album Whisper War but they’re both great, and shows how much they’ve grown. If you like Endlessly check out Vegas Skies, it’s from their first album and it’s such a beautiful song! I actually found out about them through a friend and I’m always into finding new bands so I found them on Facebook and listened to a song called Take my hand and a song called Bounce and it just kinda grew from there. Then when I discovered Alex’s blog and how genuine and deep he is it kinda made me love them even more because they’re so greatful for their fans. 🙂

    • Cool, I will definitely check those song out! 🙂
      Ahh yes, friends are always a useful way to find new music, a lot of the time I also come across random bands when I hear a song on TV, like it, and decide to investigate. 😛
      He has a blog? Awesomeeee

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