Living Louder: My Interview with The Cab

 “The reason we are a band is the fans,” say Las Vegas based band The Cab. “Without them, we’d be sitting on the couch playing songs for each other. We still can’t believe it when people get tattoos or write letters about how the songs have helped them through hard times. It’s very humbling.”

The three-piece – made up of vocalist Alex DeLeon, guitarist/pianist Alex Marshall, and newest member Joey Thunder on bass– released their second album Symphony Soldiers on August 23rd 2010. A full three years after their first album Whisper War, and the fans were starving for new music from them. “In the US, we were blown away with the initial response. We didn’t know what to expect really.” Say the band, “It’s amazing that people in countries we haven’t had the chance to visit yet are so passionate about the music. For example the fan club in the Philippines. We hope to get there next year, but it’s support like that, that keeps us going. ” And the boys like to thank the fans for that in any way they can, like recently including things in Symphony Soldier pre-order packages like phone calls and handwritten lyrics.

So why the super long break? The band cites various reasons but say that “We wanted to make sure it was the album we wanted to make, without bending to the pressures of anyone else. We promise not to take so long for the next one.” Careful boys, we’ll hold you to that.

Still The Cab, and just as addictive as Whisper War, Symphony Soldiers has less of the Fall Out Boy/Panic! At The Disco-esque influence, but still retains everything we’ve come to associate with The Cab; the lyrics are still as honest and beautiful, the melodies are still as catchy and dance-able, but there is definitely an increased air of maturity that shows how much the boys have grown  “as songwriters, musicians and as people ” making this record. To add to that you can definitely recognise the amount of time and effort spent, to make sure the record was as polished as it could be in the final cut.

During the making of Symphony Soldiers the guys also got to work with some well known artists in the industry, such as Adam Levine (Maroon 5), Bruno Mars, Martin Johnson (Boys Like Girls) and Pete Wentz (Fall Out Boy.) So how was that for the guys? “We have always admired and respected the music these guys have made. Working with talents like this you really learn a lot about the craft and what it takes to have long and successful careers. It was an honour.” They say it also helped to create “different and unique songs – Everyone brings something new to the mix.”

And while they say their favourite song to play live depends on the night, they do say that “Living Louder is a great track, and one we love playing. We write a lot of songs about love and lust, but this one has more of a hopeful and uplifting feeling.”

As much as Symphony Soldier is an undoubtedly exceptional album, made by a band who wouldn’t compromise their artistic integrity at any cost, there are also some songs that didn’t make it to the final cut of Symphony Soldier. We want to hear more from The Cab don’t we? Tracks such as ‘Falling Up’ – which was leaked online – and ‘Crown’ – which Alex DeLeon treated us to a sneak peek of  on his blog – but are there any plans to release them? “We have some tricks up our sleeves for those songs.” They reply, “you’ll just have to wait and see.” Oh you teases!

Whilst making this album the band have had their struggles, parting ways with their label Fuelled By Ramen, as well as band mate Alex Johnson before the album was due for release. “We have had our fair share of obstacles as a band, but giving up was never an option. We love what we do, and no matter happened, this album was going to come out. Sometimes, people go in different directions, and it’s nobody’s fault.”

Now with bassist Joey Thunder an official member, it’s a new chapter for the band and the lads seem as tight as ever, having recently played shows with the likes of All Time Low, Mayday Parade, and Simple Plan. As well as being booked to play Soundwave 2012, co-headlining a tour with their “great friends” The Summer Set, and  heading over to Japan late last year. These boys have been busy! “We love to travel, especially internationally. Sold out shows, great fans, all around good times. Especially getting to hang with The Summer Set.” So it looks like this could be the band’s moment, and they’re grabbing it with both hands deservedly.

But  – being from the UK – the question on a lot of people’s lips is, are there any plans for a UK tour? “It’s been in the works for a long time, just need to have the right shows booked and make it all work. But its high on our priority. ” Again with the teasing! I guess we’ll just have to keep everything crossed. But wherever you are in the world, if you can make it to a Cab show I would;  when asked what their live show is like, their cheeky reply will no doubt make you smile. “Joey may or may not be playing naked. You will just have to come and find out. ”
So, that’s appreciative down-to-earth guys, amazing music and a possibly naked Joey Thunder… how can you resist that?

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6 thoughts on “Living Louder: My Interview with The Cab

  1. I’ve literally just been playing all their links from the Youtube video! Haha. I’m hooked! Do they have like…an official album out? I’ve been scanning Amazon and iTunes etc and I don’t seem to be able to find the songs that I’m listening to on a CD. Could just be being extra blonde today though lol!

    • hahaha! aw I’m so glad you like them! they really need a bigger following over here! yeah they do, you can buy both their albums, Whisper War and Symphony Soldier through ITunes. You can also get a hard copy of Whisper War from HMV 🙂 They’re recording and writing for their new album atm! I’m so excited! x

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