Why I Chose To Write About Music.

Ok so I’ll be honest I was a little bit inspired to write this after reading Alex DeLeon’s recent blog post on music, which you can check that out here: http://symphonysoldier.com/
But this subject has always been one that I’ve thought about and is close to my heart, perhaps even more so now considering I’m training to be a music journalist. My love of music is always something I’ve never truly been able to express or define, but I’ll try my best. I’m learning.

I love music. I know that’s pretty over-said nowadays but I truly cannot find another word that encompasses just how I feel about music. Music in my mind is something you can hold close to your heart, it can be that friend to you when you feel at your lowest, but it can also be a painful reminder of the past. Music has helped me through some hard times and there are certain songs I can’t listen to now without smiling (or dancing around to like a child,) and some songs I can’t listen to now period, but music is undeniably a huge part of my life.

I find it amazing that musicians and singers-normal people like you or I- can produce something so simple yet so multi layered that it can affect so many different people in so many different ways. But it happens. It blows my mind how people can put such beautiful melodies together and fit everything like pieces of a puzzle so all the elements of a song work harmoniously with one another. I find it mind boggling that someone elses lyrics, words, thoughts can be articulated so beautifully and can voice a listeners’ own thoughts they haven’t been able to put into words, or capture a feeling you can’t quite put your finger on, and because of this can be related to by an audience so deeply.

It’s funny how something that goes into your ears, something you can’t even see or hold, can help you feel as though you are not alone, can make you believe again, can give you hope. It does all different things for different people and I truly believe that the effect music has on the individual, at least in my case, will never be able to be accurately translated into words as it is the feeling that that music or song or album evokes in you, and it’s yours only and is very hard to explain, unless to someone who maybe shares your opinion on that certain song or album that will understand, and even then you don’t know if what they feel is even close to what you feel. It’s like falling in love, and in a sense it is, falling in love with music, with a band, with an artist, with a song, with an album.

But music also has its flipside and it can be that painful reminder of a memory that you’d rather forget. But saying that, it can be like the therapy you use to help you through that painful memory or time, if you chose to focus on that and take something positive from it instead of dwelling on the negative. I’m not saying music helps every situation, it completely depends on the individual and what helps you and gives you comfort but for me, that has always been music.

I also love the fact that there is no definitive right or wrong in music, there is only opinion. I dislike all the hate that goes around in music now, like if you like a certain band or song people are negative about it. But the truth is music is your opinion, not any body else’s, your own opinion on how that song makes you feel or what it does to you when it enters your ears. Anybody can write a great track. ANYBODY. and I’ve started to really dislike the phrase guilty pleasure (I know I’ve used it on here a few times) because honestly, I’m not guilty about anything I like because I like it for a reason, whether it’s just because it’s catchy or whether it goes deeper and means something to me and I don’t think people should be made to feel bad for liking something that someone else doesn’t.

Music can unite people, and sadly it can divide people too, but it is the one thing that is constant and is a common ground as it is something we’ve all come into contact with and something we all have a certain opinion on, whether it holds a deep connection for you or not.

Music will never be just music to me, it will always be too weighted and mean too much to me to be just anything. It will always hold a special place in my heart as it has always been there, from the feeling you get when someone new comes into your life, to when you start to fall for someone, being in love, the bad breakups, the heartaches, the stressful times when you need a lift…
When you’re walking to a gig and you feel the electricity in the air and you just know you’re all going to the same place, the anticipation you get waiting for your favourite band to take the stage, the goosebumps you get where you hear the crowd chanting along with a song, music is the cause of that. The music has effected people like that.

I will always be thankful to music and to the awesome musicians who make it and have made the songs that have kept me going; always know that you are exceptional. Whether or not you believe that, I do.



2 thoughts on “Why I Chose To Write About Music.

  1. This is so completely true, and I couldn’t have said it better myself! I’m so glad you’ve managed to find your passion in life 🙂

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