Sinners: You Me At Six ‘Sinners Never Sleep’ Review

To All you Sixer’s and Sinners out there! The new You Me At Six album Sinners Never Sleep is finally here!

The lads did a few HMV signings and instore gigs to celebrate the release on 3rd October, three years after the release of their first album Take Off Your Colours. I went along to the HMV instore in Oxford Circus on the day of the release, and it was pretty strange being back there three years on after being there at the TOYC signing, and times have definitley changed since then.

For one thing the boys look more grown up. Gone are the long side swept fringes, and they exude maturity, from the way they looked, held themselves and particularly from their music. In the past YMAS have been known for their catchy upbeat songs such as Save it for the Bedroom, their darkest sounding song being Jealous Minds Think Alike.

Then came second album Hold Me Down, which saw the boys growing as people and as musicians, songs such as Stay With Me, and There’s No Such Thing As Accidental Infidelity, showing that they were maturing.

Third album Sinners Never Sleep continues on that thread and goes to some pretty personal and downright dark places. For example, Bite My Tongue (ft Oli Sykes of Bring Me The Horizon) being Josh’s way of venting his frustrations at the other members of the band, Sykes screaming ‘Fuck you.’

However, the lads have overcome their hurdles and are now a stronger unit because of it. And aren’t we glad? Well…I know I am. It’s almost as though you can see the fivesome grow up through their records – which in a sense they have, starting the band at 15 and now being in their 20’s.

The lads from Surrey played a selection of tracks from both Hold Me Down – such as Stay With Me, Liquid Confidence, and Underdog, a song Bassist Max Helyer describes as ‘One of the classics’ – and Sinners Never Sleep, including opener Loverboy, Jaws On The Floor and Little Death. The songs were all brilliant, still having that signature YMAS catchiness and sing-along-ability (I think I just made up a new word there!)

For example Loverboy’s chant and the opening WOAH-OH’s of Little Death. And obviously we all sang along to the likes of Liquid Confidence, Stay With Me, and Underdog, Josh asking us to scream the word Underdog as there were people walking along Oxford Street “who have no idea what being a Sixer is, no idea what being a sinner is, and no idea who the fuck You Me At Six are.”

When I got home and listened to my newly signed album, I fell in love with it. The songs range from the catchy, (Loverboy and Jaws On The Floor) The Dark, (Little Death and Bite My Tongue) The absolutely beautiful, (Crash and Little Bit of Truth) To the fun, (Reckless)

This album has everything and shows that there are now so many more sides to You Me At Six than you would think, a product of growing up. Hopefully the fans will respect that and grow with them because their music is still awesome but now with even more depth and at times, downright beauty. I’m super excited to go and see You Me At Six on their upcoming tour this week, it should be a lot of fun!


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