It’s ‘BAD’…The Cab’s new video.

Ok so I know this is pretty late but I haven’t had internet for a while and have had a few things going on so I’ve been pretty busy, but I did want to write something on this.

The Cab recently released their music video for their newest single ‘Bad’ from their new album Symphony Soldier. It premiered last month and was met with praise as well as criticism among fans.

Now, while the video is a bit racy, I feel the story behind it fits the lyrics and mood of the song completely.

I like the texts at the start to set up the story: an almost-couple reminiscing about how they met and the transpiring events, to the tune of “It feels just like it was yesterday.”
The mood of the language used and pauses between texts shows that there is more to the story which piqued my curiosity and made me want to watch more.

The use of pictures rather than a physical re-enactment of past events were also a good technique, as it gave you enough glimpses to fill you in on the story without making it too heavy and clogging the video up; it’s like why spend 30 words explaining something when you could do it in 3?

The mood of the video then switches as you are taken back to the couple’s- played by Alex DeLeon and Angel Porrino – first conversations, which made me smile and think ‘awww!’ as you would at the start of any new relationship.

That is until the racy pictures of Ms. Porrino start gracing the screen and the texts become racier, at which point there was no other suitable reaction but to laugh in kind-of shock. I was not expecting that! You even see Alex DeLeon put his hand to his face and laugh in reaction to one of the pictures, which was funny to me because it was exactly my reaction at one point in the video!

However, I’d like to point out now that it is still tame and done tastefully. It’s more funny racy than anything else.

The song fits very well with the video. From the timing of the pictures as well as the actual lyrics. For example, “I want a bad girl baby bad, I want it bad.” -That’s exactly what Angel Porinno is in this video, she is the bad girl and that is shown throughout.
Or, “I want a girl who stays out too late and when I call she doesn’t answer the phone.” Which she does near the end of the video, and the sudden change of attitude made me frown and think, ‘Hang on what’s going on there?’

I found the end of the video a little sad, I know some people found it funny but I did feel bad for Alex. Near the end of the video you see his texts start to get no replies, then right at the end a third person is introduced into the texting and tells Alex, straight up, “Stop texting my girlfriend.” The video ending on him sending a picture of himself giving Alex the finger.
This added to the cringey kind-of shock factor, and also lead to ambiguities as it leaves you thinking, was she texting Alex while her boyfriend was out of town? Or did she get bored waiting for Alex and find someone else to fool around with?

All in all it is a very good video and everything fits well together.
I came across a comment somewhere that said it looked like it was made on Moviemaker, or people saying that they didn’t expect this from The Cab, or it isn’t classy. Look at what goes on in the mainstream music industry now days with girls/women wearing next to nothing and engaging in far too sexualised dance routines a lot of the time. This video is not nearly as bad as some things you see these days, and at least it had relevance to the song and its lyrics and wasn’t just a meaningless ‘sex sells’ attitude.

As for the quality of the video, I think that it is done well and uses some very good techniques, and in my opinion, injected some life into telling the story. It was funny, it was sexy, and I felt that it was fresh. It also proves that you do not need a lot of money or massive mainstream status behind you to produce amazing music and a quality video.

Well done to The Cab, you boys have done us proud with the video as well as with Symphony Soldier as a whole. Definitely worth the wait. Can’t wait to hear more from you and hopefully see you in the UK very soon!

NOTE: In the video Alex is still called Alex, so that’s why I’ve said things like “I did feel bad for Alex.” I understand they are not an actual couple and that they are both playing characters and acting in the video, just thought I’d point that out.


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