Book Club Catch-Up

The Lost Saint (2nd book to The Dark Divine) – Bree Despain

This was a bit of a slow read for me, I did enjoy it but I did think a lot of it was kind of predictable due to how the last book ended, however, there were bits of the story that grabbed me or provoked a reaction out of me that made me want to read on. For example, Daniel…MAN! he annoyed me for part of the book when he was being so distant towards Grace to the point where I kinda wanted her to get with Talbot, though I never fully wanted her to be with him as there was always something not quite right about him.
And also Jude, *SPOILER* the bit where you think he’s helping her and he’s actually taking her captive, the line which is something like ‘he punched me between the eyes and everything went black.’ made me flinch, it was like I could almost feel it, and that was also the point in the book that grabbed me and made me want to read more and faster.
The action scenes from then on were really good and kept me on my toes, as did the revelation as to who was behind it all. The book ends on a cliff hanger just in the aftermath of the battle and you sense there’s more to come and that this isn’t over, so I really want to read on to see how the story will progress/end (I’m not sure how many books will be in the series.)

My Soul To Keep (3rd book in The Soul Screamers Series) – Rachel Vincent

I really enjoyed this book and I loved the continuation of the story and how the events panned out. It was full of suspense and little secrets that keep you on your toes and make sense as you read on. This story in particular really got to me, especially in the way that when Kaylee finds out Nash *SPOILER* has been using Demon’s Breath and what he’s been giving away in exchange for that, and how he’s been treating Kaylee, it shows that even in stories boys are not perfect and if that were me I don’t know if I could ever forgive that. It was absolutely heartbreaking and, in places, angering to read. Though I do look forward to seeing Kaylee fly solo for a bit and show just how strong of a character she is by herself, as you get glimpses of that but from the start of the books Nash was with her basically from the start helping her come to terms with what she is. Also, I’ve read the synopsis for the next book and I have a feeling I’m going to be hooked with that one as it sounds so good! so I look forward to reading that and to  continue the story.

Everlasting (Last book in The Immortals series) – Alyson Noel

I really enjoyed this book and I absolutely loved this series and I’m really sad that it’s over. However, I did think that in this particular story some bits were really drawn out, but I understood why it had to be that way, and Ever really annoyed me in some parts as she seemed a bit whiny and like she over thought everything and on the surface it seems as though you could interpret the meaning to be that Ever and Damen are working so hard just because they want to sleep together. But if you look past that and see that they’ve been dancing around eachother for hundreds of years and now have the chance to be together, wouldn’t you do anything for that chance? And in the end I liked that Ever had the courage and determination to do what she did alone and return. Damen also annoyed me a bit as he just seemed really stubborn and in some situations with Lotus seemed like just as they’d get to the root of the matter he’d steer Ever away like he was hiding something, though as you read on you do figure out that that is down to the shame he feels after making her immortal. Though at times I did think ‘you could be a little nicer to her.’ But that was also a good thing because despite all the mystical elements, when you look at the bare bones of it their relationship is realistic, it’s not perfect, they both make mistakes, they argue, they get on eachothers nerves… and I liked that, I liked that there was also that reality to it which makes the story relatable, as does Ever’s personality traits, as she’s who you experience the story through so you may relate to how she thinks and feels.
I also really liked the chapters of Alrik and Adelina and I really liked how the story ended because there was no negativity, all the loose ends had been tied and the story was rounded off perfectly with Ever and Damen on a plane going on their holiday, and I liked the symbolism of the plane taking off and Ever and Damen continuing their journey into the unknown and facing whatever comes together.

Forever (Last book in The Mercy Falls series) – Maggie Stiefvater

Another series I’m sad to see end. I’ve loved this series from the start and this was no exception. I liked the multiple perspectives involved (Sam, Grace, Cole and Isabel) as you get to see more than one side to the story, particularly where the relationship aspect is concerned, as in books a lot of the time you only get one perspective and so it could come across a bit one sided as you don’t really get an insight into what the guy is thinking, and so this allows us to be sure of the depth of Sam’s love for Grace and vice versa. I also liked seeing Isabel and particularly Cole grow as characters and their story develop.
It also contained some good action and suspense where the wolves were concerned in terms of Grace shifting back and forth and the repercussions of that with her parents as well as with sam, the connection with Tom Culpepper’s vendetta against them, as well as Beck and Sam’s relationship coming to a head.
Though, I will say I wasn’t too impressed with the ending, as I felt it left too many things open and too much left unsaid. The two major issues I had were that Cole and Isabel’s relationship was never set in stone, and Grace was going to try Sam’s cure…and that was it, so we’re left wondering what happened, if Isabel and Cole got together, if Grace died like Jack or was cured like Sam, if her and Sam got to live their lives together against all odds. I kind of feel like it ended in the middle of a whole new story (whether Grace would live or die) and I am left wondering about the characters and what happened to them and I’d love there to be another book to tie up those loose ends and continue the story to a more rounded ending. Though as I said I really enjoyed this book and the series.


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