The Cab – Symphony Soldier Album Review

Ok, so I know I’ve been blogging, facebooking and particularly tweeting about this band alot for a little while now, and that’s just what happens when I find out about a band that I really come to love, I want everyone to know about them and help them get more people listening to their stuff.

But yes, the day is finally here…The Cab’s highly anticipated new album Symphony Soldier was released today after a three year gap following previous offering Whisper War.

Now personally I am quite lucky as I found out about The Cab just before the start of the summer through a friend, and since checked out all their previous material and bought previous album Whisper War (which has been my jam, particularly in the car pretty much since!) S0 in comparison I haven’t had too long to wait – I seriously can’t imagine how the fans from back before 2008 are feeling today- but these last few weeks I know I’ve been itching to get my hands on Symphony Soldier… and let me say, it was definitely worth the wait.

Still The Cab and just as catchy as Whisper War, the lyrics are still as honest and beautiful but there is definitely an increased air of maturity that shows how much the boys have grown making this record.

Album opener ‘Angel With A Shotgun’, and ‘La la’ make me want to get up and dance, while I can imagine ‘Her Love Is My Religion’ will be great to see played live mainly because of the chorus (:D), whilst ‘Endlessly’ and ‘Lovesick Fool’ have the poignancy and beautiful piano work to add to the beauty, and I love the lyrics to ‘Another Me’ and ‘Living Louder’. Also Singer’s voice has evidently matured and is so smooth it glides through the songs, hitting higher notes just as well as lower ones, a perfect match to the music.

Like Whisper War ALL the songs on the album are great and this band definitely has EVERYTHING: the polished sound, the amazing, meaningful,honest lyrics, everything fits together complimenting eachother, and each are evidently amazingly skilled at what they do, and from what I’ve seen they’re really nice guys who love their fans, to boot…so why wouldn’t we love them?

You can buy Symphony Soldier and listen for yourself over at ITunes (outside the US) or on their webstore or if you happen to go catch the guys at a show. And if you haven’t heard of The Cab and you like any of the other bands I’ve mentioned on this blog or if you like tuneful rock music that you can sing and dance-along to, you may just like these guys…so WHAT are you waiting for?


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