Tracks I’m Loving

So This is kind of a Tracks I’m Loving and New bands post as the majority of the bands included are bands I’ve recently come to hear over the past few weeks, and the songs are ones I’ve really liked and been listening to a lot over that time frame as well.
So you know the drill…

Versaemerge – Fixed at Zero


Well what can I say? I recently got around to giving these guys a listen and they’ve been pretty much all I’ve been listening to since.

I haven’t found a track by this band yet that I don’t like, and I absolutely love Sierra Kusterbeck’s voice and stage presence. If you get a chance I’d also recommend giving some of their acoustic stuff a listen, as the stripped down production does even more to show off Seirra’s vocal talent, as well as the lyrical content.

I’d also recommend listening to ‘Figure it Out’ and ‘Past Praying For’ (videos below:)





The Cab – Angel With A Shotgun


Well Duh! Of course there’d be a video by The Cab hiding in here somewhere. This video is taken from one of the band’s most recent gigs to promote new album Symphony Soldiers, and this track Angel With A Shotgun is the album opener. This track shows that over their break following 2008’s Whisper War the boys have only gotten stronger. Lyrically it demonstrates the beauty and insight that (I at least) have come to associate with the band, and musically every bit as catchy as before with an explosive chorus that makes you want to jump and dance around to it, but still demonstrating how the band has grown. I love it!


Alex DeLeon and Sierra Kusterbeck – Find Your Love (Drake cover)


So Alex of The Cab and Sierra of Versaemerge together… AWESOME! It works really well. The song is played acoustically by Alex and the opening few bars sounded very pretty and delicate because of that. Their voices really complimented the acoustic sound as well as each other, showcasing both of their talents effortlessly. You can see neither of them are faking it, they are both amazingly talented.


The Summer Set – When We Were Young


I really like this! Very catchy song with very honest, real and relatable lyrics, a great melody and a very dancey beat and quite a summer vibe behind it to leave you with a huge smile on your face. (I don’t know if that’s intentional because of the band’s name but all the songs have quite a summer, sunshiney, happy, upbeat feel to them.) I can imagine this song would be great played live, with people singing along, jumping and dancing around to it.

I’d also recommend the track ‘The Boys You Do (Get Back At You)’ 😀


You Me At Six – Loverboy


Ok so this is the first track that’s been put out there from YMAS’s eagerly anticipated upcoming third album Sinners Never Sleep.

Every album YMAS release seems to chart a stage of growth for the band and if this single is anything to go by that has continued. Keeping the feel, attitude and maturity of previous album Hold Me Down, but still retaining the catchy chorus’ YMAS are known for right from first album Take Off Your Colours. I really like the song, I think it’s catchy, (I really like the gang vocals and chorus, you could imagine the crowd screaming along to that at a gig) I think it’s still very much in keeping with YMAS’s style and I’m very excited to hear the rest of the album.


Automatic Loveletter – Let it Ride


Great sound and great vocals that are kinda different to alot of other bands on the scene at the moment…Need I say more?


Play For Keeps – We’ve Only Got Tonight.

I heard about these guys recently after someone who works for them sent me a message on Facebook, and I really liked the stuff I heard. The overall sound is great as are the vocals, and this song is very catchy, very upbeat sounding and makes you want to dance around, the gang vocals on the chorus made me think this song would be great to see played live.

So imagine my surprise when I checked the guys’ info page and it turns out Cash Colligan (formerly of The Cab) is in the band! I thought that was freaky timing seeing as I’ve been very big on The Cab recently. Though these guys are very good in their own right.

I couldn’t really find anything on YouTube to link on here but here’s their Facebook page:!/playforkeepsmusic?sk=app_178091127385 Go check ’em out 🙂


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