Meeting Alex DeLeon.

Ok so just a short blog to talk about something I’m still jumping about. As you can probably tell from the title I met Alex DeLeon from The Cab in London today. I saw him and called over to make sure he knew we (a friend from uni, some of her friends and my sister in law and I) were there to see him. He came over and was like “you all here to see me?”, and he sounded so disbelieving and so humble like he couldn’t actually believe we’d been there waiting for him, which was really sweet. He’d posted on twitter this morning:

hence why we all went down there, and he was like “I really didn’t think anybody would show up”.

And it was worth the wait because he was absolutely lovely, introducing himself to everyone, taking the time to chat with everyone, take pictures, giving out hugs and signing things for us all. He signed my copy of Whisper War and said that he loved my name, as Sophie is also his sisters name who is the girl on the cover of the album, which is pretty sweet. He also said that he really wants to play here soon, and the band are trying to tour here with The Summer Set in the spring so I’m keeping my fingers crossed!

I also got to tell him that I think he’s an amazing man and that he should never change as he is someone special, and thanked him for just being him. That may sound cheesy but I honestly beleive it’s true, from his music to what he writes on his blog, his whole attitude… it’s all amazing, he is such an inspiration, and I’m so glad I got to tell him that. If you’ve ever read his blog and heard some of the things he has to say you’ll know what I’m talking about!

So thanks so much Alex for being so amazingly lovely and it was awsome meeting him!



And if you read this blog and still don’t know who Alex or The Cab are, where have you been?! I’ve mentioned them in a fair few of my posts, check out my most recent ‘Tracks I’m Loving’ and my ‘Do you have five minutes?‘ posts for videos and more details.


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