The result of too much time spent thinking…

Everybody wants something in their life, everybody has something they believe is worth fighting for, something that gets them up in the morning. The belief that even when is seems like there isn’t, there is always something else out there. You may not be able to see it or anticipate it but there will always be something, and there will always be hope.

People agonize over things, their identity – you already have it, there is no need to search or over analyse, you are you, a blank canvas waiting to have its unique story told upon it, the choices you make and things you do define that story, not the agonising over who you really are, you will learn that throughout your life as you never stop growing and changing, worry only consumes you and stops you from really living.

Finding love – everyone has their place and everyone will find it, be patient. In the words of Alex Deleon: “You shouldn’t be afraid of not finding love, love should be afraid of not finding you.”

Being Happy – We all have the ability to be happy, we just have to let ourselves. Focusing on the bad only creates a snowball effect and prevents you from moving on and being truly happy. To focus on the good and embrace change, sometimes a heartbreaking decision reveals its self to be the right one given time. Realising that you are the master of your own happiness is to be able to be happy, as no one can make you happy if you are not happy within yourself. People can help you, but ultimately you have to want to help yourself. 

Life is a step hill to climb at times but there will always be a time when you reach the top, you may falter or slip back a few steps but there will always be magic left in the world, believe in it and never give up hope, as you never know what comes next.


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