So True: Inspirational and Genuine Artists in the Music Industry

Ok so this blog has been a long time coming on a subject I have always felt very strongly about.

And that is the fact that I LOVE and have so much respect for bands who love and appreciate their fans as much as their fans love and appreciate them, and actually take the time of day to reply to tweets, stand and sign autographs and take pictures with fans before/after shows.

A lot of the bands that I like have this attitude and that’s what makes them all the more likeable and loveable, because you can see that they are genuine people who love what they do and are thankful for their fans. I feel that these are the artists who deserve their fans and their place in the music industry, whereas when artists don’t really appreciate their fans I think that they don’t deserve those fans, because the fans are the people who buy your records and put you where you are, without people to listen to your band or music you wouldn’t be able to continue and I just find it so heartwarming when musicians and bands realise that, remain completely grounded and think themselves not above or below anyone else and are all round genuine people.

There are so many bands I could name that I get that vibe from, and I think it’s even cooler when the bands WANT to do so rather than feeling they HAVE to. Likewise when I met You Me At Six at HMV in London when I was 17 and they were all nice enough to give me a hug and Josh stood and chatted with me and asked if I was going to their Astoria show and stuff.

I was actually inspired to write this particular blog today after reading a blog post by Alex DeLeon from Las Vegas band The Cab, which spoke about how he is grateful for all the fans and just reading it brought tears to my eyes as you can feel the sincerity and that sincerity has always meant a lot to me, I don’t know if it’s because of what I do but I have always felt that the music and the people who create that music go hand in hand a little bit. I think if I hear a song that’s so beautiful and emotional, and then the artist doesn’t reflect that and is ungrateful and a bit of an asshole then I wouldn’t be able to listen to their work in the same way again, as I think why should I spend my money on your records or my time trekking to get to your shows when you seem to take it all for granted? Because you are helping to build that band up to give them opportunities they wouldn’t have otherwise had and they don’t seem to care. Though there is always the argument of ‘Does that make the music any less beautiful?’ and in my opinion I do think it taints it a little bit because it isn’t real and it isn’t honest. And maybe it is because I’m so into music that I care so much because I want to know that the bands I invest my time and love enough to wait outside shows for pictures and to chat to deserve it.

[Alex Deleon’s blog] I hope one day I will get to meet this man because I think he would be amazing to chat to, chat to about music and hang out with,  perhaps even interview in person if I’m lucky. *Keep your fingers crossed for me!*

But like I said I have always felt strongly about this and have always felt inspired when artists show a genuine attitude offstage, to their fans as well as onstage. Here are some other videos that inspired this blog:


I think Gerard Way is amazing, after so many years being a fan of MCR and seeing how Gerard has said things like “We all fit in this world” (in the video below) and even to go so far as to stop shows mid song to get someone in the crowd who is getting crushed picked up, or when I went to see them Gerard actually tapped a security guard on the shoulder and gestured for him to remove someone from the crowd as she had nearly passed out. I just love the fact that he and the band care so much about the fans.



Sean Smith (of The Blackout) was also nice enough to let me ask him a question for this blog when I met him and I thank him for taking the time out to speak to me, when he’d just played a show and could’ve easily said he couldn’t be bothered or he was too tired, but no he was absolutely lovely and took the time to speak to me as well as everyone else and I respect him enormously for that.





So I think that’s enough of me rambling on and I don’t even know if I could ever fully explain how I feel, as it is a personal thing, but if you love a band and are lucky enough to meet them and they show you respect and are just as happy and appreciative that you are there to support them, how does that make you feel? Because for me, it makes liking and supporting that band all the more worthwhile.


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