Book Club: Dark Heart Rising by Lee Monroe

Check out this post to see my opinion on the first book here.

I was really excited to read this after reading the prequel ‘Dark Heart Forever’ which took me about a day to finish.
This book carries on Jane and Luca’s story – Jane being a mortal girl and Luca being not so human – and picks up from where the last book left off with Jane and Luca apart after the laws of Luca’s realm won’t allow them to be together.

Jane misses Luca and hasn’t quite been able to let him go. Then to get away she goes to spend some time in Paris with her grandmother, where she meets Soren, and although charming she senses that there is something off about him, and it turns out that now he is her only way to get to Luca’s realm and when she learns of the trouble Luca and his family come to be in, she knows she has to try to help.

I really enjoyed this book and felt it was just as captivating as the prequel, with as many twists and turns to keep you interested. Though, I felt that Jane’s constant apprehension and wanting to get home wore a bit thin after a while as you know she still loves Luca and he still loves her and you just want them to be together.

Similarly, I felt Luca seriously needed to grow a backbone instead of just rolling over and accepting that this was what he had to do, though when he did give in and go back to Jane it did seem a bit sudden, like one minute he was saying Lila would make a great wife and the next he was saying Jane had got him back. Though that could be because we see the story through Jane’s perspective so we know how much she wants to be with Luca, and although you see glimpses of how Luca’s feeling it isn’t as in-depth, so that is to be expected.

The action and plot revelations in between were definitely worth it, and I liked the sub-plot of Raphael and his plans for the realm, as throughout the story you empathise with him as you realise he regrets how he acted in the last book and just wants for everyone to be unrestricted and honest about how they feel instead of living by the rules of the realm, and when you look at some of the rules of the realm you do start to agree with him. Similarly, Lowe was really well characterised and as more of his character came out I really took a dislike to him. Also the element of who and where Raphael’s dad is could be carried on to the next story as *SPOILER* he is in the mortal world, and Luca goes back to the mortal world with Jane at the end of the book, so something could happen there.

I really hope that there is another book to this series as I felt it was just as captivating as the last one, written very vividly to create a clear picture for the reader, making me feel like I was there experiancing it too as I could see it all in my head. It felt like revisiting an old friend as you already know all of the characters and their backgrounds and what restricts them etc and I’d really like to see how Jane and Luca’s relationship progresses now that they are both in the mortal world, as their relationship in terms of being a proper couple is only just starting.


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