Songs I’m Loving.

The Cab – Take My Hand.

I’ve recently came to listen to this band after hearing about them from a friend, and let me say I have fallen in love a little bit.

Full of upbeat melodies and catchy refrains, the music stays in your head long after you’ve turned it off and leaves you with a huge smile on your face.

Singer Alex Deleon demonstrating smooth and polished vocals both on record as well as live (from what I’ve heard on YouTube) and this song shows all of the above AND makes you want to get up and dance. I am definitely a fan.


The Cab – Bounce.


Luke Pickett – Tattoos.

I have been a fan of this man’s music for quite a few years and this new track reminded me why I fell in love with his music in the first place.

Soft acoustic guitar, flawless powerful vocals and heartfelt lyrics. The honesty of emotion rolls off all of his tracks including this one, so you don’t just hear the song, you feel it too.


The Product – I’ll be there for you (acoustic).

Ok so we know I’m big on this band after my interview with them a few months back, and this song shows exactly why.
Beautiful guitar work, poignant lyrics and smooth vocals that take on a husky edge when projected. This song is absolutely beautiful.


All Time Low – I Feel Like Dancing.

Makes me laugh, puts a smile on my face and makes me want to dance around. Simple as.


Panic at the Disco – Lying Is The Most Fun A Girl Can Have…

I’ve written about P!ATD in the previous playlist so I won’t go into too much detail, but this song has got to be my favourite of theirs. Just coz…


Birdy – Skinny Love.

Lets be honest, when I first heard about this song I just disregarded it, not really paying much attention thinking the name was ridiculous.

However, upon taking the time to listen – and after hearing the original by Bon Iver which is equally as great- I’ve really come to like it.

Great lyrics and, being that she’s only 14, Birdy certainly has exceptional talent for her age. It’s a beautiful song.


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