Book Club: Starcrossed by Josephine Angelini.

Ok so I started reading this after hearing my sister-in-law rave about it, and as we’re always swapping books I thought I’d give it a go.

It’s the story of Helen, who has always known she was different. She is taller and stronger than everyone she knows, can run at inhuman speed and she doesn’t really fit in at school. Then, upon hearing that a new large family are moving to the town, everybody becomes thrilled with the prospect, everybody apart from Helen who doesn’t even want to hear their names. Though after a disastrous first meeting, Helen comes to find out things about herself that start to make sense of all her ‘weird’ personality traits.

This book is a paranormal love-story wrapped in Greek mythology, and the creatures that Helen and the Delos family turn out to be fit in perfectly with that. The premise of the book sounded interesting to me and it is the style of story I usually go for, however, I did find it a bit of  a slow read.

The first few chapters were captivating as you wondered what was going to happen  next, and Helen (and the reader’s) introduction to the Delos clan was extremely enthralling and confusing (though that gets explained later on in the story) which makes you want to read on to find out more.

However, the hesitance by both Helen and Lucas relating to their relationship did wear a bit thin for me, to the point where I was just like ‘ahh will you two just kiss already?!’ However, when it is explained later on in the story and you understand why it’s kinda like ‘Oh God.’ And also the layers and layers of Greek mythology did also contribute to my losing focus in the middle as there was just so much of it. However, I do understand the reason for that as Helen needs to know about her heritage and the dangers and risks, I’m just hoping that the next book will concentrate less on the facts and more on the love story, as that is what I wanted, for Helen and Lucas to be together against all odds.

Speaking of which, there were a few plot twists that grabbed me and made me want to read on. Noel’s original name for Lucas showed symmetry to the legend, Helen’s kidnap and subsequent revelation of the kidnapper, and the relationship twist involving Helen and Lucas to name a few. The book also contained some good action and the scenes were really well written.

I also liked certain characters and how they were characterised, more than others. I loved Helen, I thought she was a very strong character, and I also really liked Hector and Ariadne. I thought Hector was really well written and despite his first unrelenting graphic battle with and tough love act with Helen I understood that he was only trying to teach her to protect herself, and near the end of the book where he apologies to Helen he won me over completely. I also thought Ariadne was really well characterised, and was definitely a rounded character. I wouldn’t have minded being friends with her :).

The plot twist involving Helen and Lucas turns the end of the book into a cliff hanger, and creates a lead in for the next book. As soon as I put the book down I was like ‘NONONONONO!’ and now I really want to read onto the next book to see how/if it is resolved.

All in all even though a bit slow in the middle I did find the beginning and the end really captivating and am interested to see how the story will progress.


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