What’s going on?

Ok so I know I haven’t really been blogging much recently and I just thought I’d keep you up to speed.

Since coming home I’ve been spending time with family and relaxing, and so as I have been spending time with family and friends who I haven’t seen in a while I haven’t had as much free time as I did when I was up at uni, therefore I have been blogging less.

A few weeks ago at the start of the month, I was out for a friend’s birthday and there was a live band in the pub that night.

They were called Already Legends, a title singer Theo later tells me that is “talking more about the songs” they play, and although a covers band they were great. Singer Theo was fantastic, both in vocals and in his showmanship; jumping around and getting the crowd going. And the boys could really play; their guitarist Nico showcasing great skills and apparently wanting to play everything faster.

I always kind of feel bad when I see bands playing in pubs trying their hardest and getting no response from their audience, especially when they are a covers band because it’s not as if we have the excuse of not knowing the songs. However, that didn’t really seem a problem for these guys as, as the evening went on the crowd got going and by the end of the night we were on our feet dancing to the likes of classics like Johnny Be Good and modern rock like Sex On Fire.

I spoke to Theo after the set and he seemed to be a genuinely nice guy, even a little bit surprised that I asked if the band do play their own stuff. (But hey, it is/will be my job right?) He said that they currently do not but are looking to get some recordings done soon, as is Theo himself for his solo stuff. But it appears that covers band or not, these guys definitely know their stuff and are skilled musicians who can really play and seem to strive to do so to the best of their ability. And it pays off.
I got the guys’ card and emailed them to let me know if they do record their own material but I’m thinking that even if you do catch them out and about you wont be disappointed.

That goes for anyone reading this who is in an underground new band, if you want an interview then feel free to get in touch either via ‘liking’ my Facebook page or on my twitter (links to both on the ‘About‘ page.) Or if you have any suggestions on bands I should check out then let me know either of those ways or by leaving me a comment on this post.

Elsewhere in the land of this blog, there is another Tracks I’m Loving to come soon. It just gets hard because sometimes there’s only one or two key songs and that’s not enough to write a blog on, and when the time does come maybe I’m not listening to them as much or maybe I’m just getting back in touch with older stuff I haven’t listened to in a while, like I have done recently with You Me At Six. In these cases I was thinking of just doing short video blogs and posting that rather than waiting. Also that’d make a change as I know some people get tired with reading off a screen.

And lastly, ‘Book Club’ posts. Ok so I touched on this a little when I wrote my blog on Amy Plum’s Die For Me, and I have been reading, but yes I have slowed down a lot through spending time with friends and family, whereas before I was getting through a book a week.

Like I said I started reading the Soul Screamers series by Rachel Vincent and after I read the first two I took a break to read Die For Me. Then after I read Die For Me, my sister-in-law was bugging me to read a book she read and LOVED called Starcrossed by Josephine Angelini, so I am currently reading that. After I have read that I plan to blog about it and then go back to reading Soul Screamers. However, the new Soul Screamers book ‘My Soul To Steal’ is not out yet, and I think there is set to be another after that, so I don’t know whether to do a joint blog on the first three and then another on the next few or wait untill I’ve finished them all and do a collective blog. I suppose I’ll leave it down to how captivating the next one is and if I feel desperate that I need to share it. As that is what this section of the blog was born out of; after I read a really good book usually I find myself bursting to tell someone about it and the only person who really understands is my sister-in-law, who usually isn’t there, so writing a blog gets it out of my system and helps me alert others to a really great book.

Anyways I think I’ve rambled long enough, but I just wanted to blog to keep in the routine and to get everything I’m doing out there. So for those of you who cared enough to read this, Thank you and, until next time…

Sophie x


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