Summer Festivals…Reaching their limit? Bespoke Article.

The theme of this particular issue of Bespoke was ‘Limitless’ and as a group we decided to include a piece on Summer festivals – which would be topical for this time of year – with the theme woven in. There is also a vlog that goes alongside this but I am waiting on it being sent to me. And with Download kicking off this weekend I thought it’d be a great time to post the story, so here you go…

Summer festivals are an experience to be had, whether it’s due to a genuine interest in music, or just spending time with friends in the sun listening to bands.

Nowadays there are many festivals to choose from all across the world, from Reading in England, Benicàssim in Spain, Rock en Seine in Paris, as well as festivals that span across continents such as, Soundwave and –the most recent addition, launched in 2009- Sonisphere. This is a far cry from the choice of previous years when the ‘main’ festivals were Glastonbury and Reading.

Music lover, student Marc Saunders of Bromley –who has been to six festivals since 2008 – says of this, “The increase is a good thing! Festivals don’t get dull; they get more exciting with the variety in headline acts. I would definitely encourage people to still go.” However, he does warn people that “festivals are full of lame 14 year old kids asking you for pills.” Thus showing that, although genuine music lovers attend, there are also people who just go for the atmosphere.

There seems to be a festival for the majority of genres, therefore trying to exclude as few people as possible, yet as there are so many festivals taking place throughout summer it could be argued that festivals are reaching their limit, particularly, how many more can materialize out of the woodwork? Similarly, due to the increasing inclusion of bands that are seen as ‘cool’ in the eyes of the corporate mainstream, are festivals even cool anymore?

Whilst there is no definitive answer to these questions, it is true that music is timeless and the seduction of music is universal no matter what genre you choose to listen to, or how you choose to listen to it, whether it be at festivals or on your sound system at home.


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