Book Club: Die For Me by Amy Plum.

Hi guys, I feel like I’ve not done a book club post in ages, and that’s not because I’ve not been reading! I started a new series (The Soul Screamers series by Rachel Vincent) and I thought rather than write book by book, I’ll do a collective blog once I’ve read them all. There’s 5 of them in the series that I know of but only 3 are out, so I thought rather than read the third one and have to wait for the next I would take a break and read another. So this blog will be about (you guessed it!) Amy Plum’s Die For Me, and I’m going to try not to include any massive spoilers that would give the story away in this one!

I saw this book on the shelf and originally picked it up just because of its cover art – which I think is absolutely beautiful – and I thought I’d just love to have this facing out on my bookshelf just as a decorative book. Then I read the back of the book and it was definitely a story that was right up my alley.
About a girl who has lost her parents and is sent to live with her grandparents in Paris, where she meets the breathtakingly beautiful Vincent. However, she can also sense that Vincent is dangerous. But don’t be fooled, Vincent is not a vampire, or werewolf, or zombie or angel. There are a new breed of paramormal beings in town. Though, as is par for the course in the kind of books I read, Kate and Vincent do fall in love, despite resistance on both sides.

The story is set in Paris, but the book is written in English (which was something I was hoping for when I picked the book up as I’m from the U.K!)
and the book is written in such a way that gives off an air of magic to what you are reading. The way the locations are described make Paris sound magical and beautiful and creates a vivid picture for the reader. Likewise the descriptions of the characters, particularly Vincent. (So much so that I think I fell in love with him a little bit by the end! haha.)

The feel of magic that lends its self to the book makes you want to read on just to be a part of that world. That coupled with experiencing the story through Kate’s eyes and along with her made me eager to read on and find out more, feeling like I shared Kate’s emotions.

From start to finish this book completely captivated me and I was lost in its pages all of the three times I picked it up. It is absolutely amazing and with all the twists and turns it keeps you guessing right up until the last page – making you question if there will be a sequel, which there will be! 🙂
So if you’re like me and you like these kinds of books I would recommend picking it up. It is written beautifully and is now one of my top picks and I can’t wait for the story to continue in the trilogy.

Also, if you enjoy the story, I would recommend reading ‘Vincent’s Point of View’ on Amy’s website, it’s only a short passage but gives you an insight into Vincent’s feelings towards Kate, as in the book we only really hear Kate’s side of things and I think it’s always interesting to hear the other side.

**Let me know if you liked this shorter, more concise (and no spoilers!) way of writing a book review or if you’d rather I went back to describing in detail. I try not to as I wouldn’t want to take the experience away from anyone who may read it but sometimes it can’t be helped and in this blog I’ve reigned it in as it is a fantastic book to read and experiance for yourself.


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