You Me At Six acoustic show at Westfields shopping centre.

So it pretty much sums it all up in the title, but last night on twitter the lads from You Me At Six were tweeting that they were playing a show today in London though wouldn’t/couldn’t say when or where until this morning.

Now we all know I’m a massive fan of the band and I was ON THAT! especially since I’ve been listening to a lot of their stuff recently and CAN’T wait for the new album and tour. So I checked twitter this morning and it was at Westfields shopping centre at 3pm, being busy at 1pm I was unsure as to whether we would have enough time to get there but the sat-nav said it wouldn’t take very long so we set off and got there with time to spare.

Not knowing exactly where the lads were due to play we asked a few people before we heard Capital radio’s Dave Berry on the microphone. We shot off towards the sound weaving through all the shoppers – and I DO NOT usually run -and got into the audience area.

We watched Eliza Doolittle, who is not someone I would really say I like but I had to hand it to her she was very good. It was an acoustic show so her vocals were not overshadowed but were brought out by the softness of the acoustic guitar and showed off how talented she really is as a vocalist.

After Eliza finished Dave Berry came out and spoke to her about the cause of the show which was Coca Cola’s olympic 2012 Future Flames campaign, which according to website is “a nationwide search for the best of British youth to carry the olympic flame.” And a selection of nominees were also brought out to speak.

We watched the stage be set for You Me At Six and saw Chris and Max in the entrance of the backstage with their instruments. When the boys came out on stage an almighty scream erupted from the crowd and they took their seats, singer Josh Franceschi sporting a longer, swept hair do like that of his earlier days in the band, guitarist Chris Miller’s trademark long locks in a ponytail, drummer Dan Flint showing off his peroxide blonde dye job, and bassist and guitarist respectively, Matt Barnes and Max Helyer looking very clean-cut and coiffed. The guys looked good, energized and raring to go and most of all happy to be there, and we were happy to see them.

They played a few songs from 2010’s Hold Me Down -saying that they preferred not to play any of the new album’s material -and popular tracks such as Underdog producing a mass sing along. The boys spoke to the crowd during breaks between songs, the pause before the band’s last single Stay With Me saw Josh Franceschi asking the audience to raise their hands if they’d never heard a YMA6 song and saying not to worry as there was only 3 big words to worry about “STAY. WITH. ME.”

The lad’s set was everything you’d expect from YMA6 in terms of polished performance highlighting their amazing talent as musicians, and Josh Franceschi’s vocals were spot on, gliding beautifully from low notes to higher notes, passion bursting through the huskier tones showcasing his range and likewise his talent.

The boy’s relationship as friends shows in the tight-ness of performance and how all the elements of each track fit together, working together and complimenting each other to produce meaningful, heartfelt, amazing music, the acoustic nature of the set adding to that as acoustic typically slows things down and accentuates the meaning behind the lyrics and highlights the skills demonstrated by the musicians that some people may not pay attention to usually.

The boys ended their set with Liquid Confidence and thanked the crowd for watching and “Giving us the time of day”. They also revealed in their chat with Dave Berry that they are “so close to finishing” album number 3. (!!!!!!) A LOT of the crowd left the audience area after the boys set and went round the back of the stage to the area where the bands would come out of.

Security guards were ushering the fans into clumps and putting up barriers between the fans and where the bands would be walking through, and after a while Dizzie Rascal emerged with a rather big entourage smiling but not stopping to chat and get photos with fans, needing to get to the stage for his set.

Max came out and chatted with fans and posed for pictures for a long while, as did Chris -who I said hi to and high fived! -Matt, Dan and Josh.


(Check out my facebook page for photos)


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