Tracks I’m Loving.

All Time Low – Break your little heart.

Ok so I’ve been on a bit of an All Time Low kick recently, I dug out their album Nothing Personal and it’s been pretty much the majority of what I listen to at the moment. I love all the tracks on it lyrically as well as musically, as most of the tracks do make you want to just get up and dance.

I’d heard ATL in passing before but this song was the first song that really grabbed my attention and made me want to listen to more of their tracks like Lost in Stereo and Weightless. The song starts with quite an upbeat and dance worthy riff, and despite the potential for the song to be quite melancholy, the band have evidently taken the other route and the lyrics, particularly the chorus, come across quite tounge-in-cheek, like making light of an otherwise painful situation.

As said this song does just make me want to get up and dance and I can’t  help but smile when I hear it.
I’d also recommend checking out the song walls and sick little games, as I feel they show a different side to the band from their upbeat dance-y tracks like Damned if I do ya… and Lost in Stereo.


Framing Hanley – Hear me now.

I’ve known about Framing Hanley for a while, but I’d only previously heard their cover of ‘Lil Wayne’s track Lollipop, I came across this on YouTube and immediately liked how it sounded.

I really like how the track fits together, and it’s the style of music that I like, encompassing heavy drums and guitars. I think the vocals are done beautifully, frontman Nixon switching effortlessly between his ranges without detriment to his vocals – meaning that sometimes an artist can sing one range perfectly and struggle with others, so may sing lower ranges great but struggle with higher notes, however, this doesn’t seem to be a problem for Nixon. Vocally there is also a little bit of screaming in the backing vocals which seems to be a popular technique among bands of the moment and does add positively to the track, nothing seeming out of place.

Smooth gliding vocals with a booming, and at times, haunting back beat…what more could you ask for?


Elissa Franceschi – You Are Alone

This song is actually a “work in progress” that Elissa put up 2 years ago now, and I loved it then, but at the time MySpace was the ‘in’ thing so when MySpace died and Facebook took over I didn’t listen for a while (as you know you go through phases of listening to certain bands) and over the last few months I’ve kind of gone back to the music and rediscovered it and it’s still amazing! The lyrics are always very poignant and that coupled with the softness of the piano and Elissa’s flawless vocals tie the songs together beautifully, including this one.

This song features just piano and vocals somewhat drawing more attention to the lyrical content and the emotion behind it, as well as showing off Elissa’s range really well. Beautiful.


Product – Nightmare (acoustic)

These guys followed me on Twitter so I gave their stuff a listen, as you do, and I really liked it. I especially liked this song, as I am partial to a bit of acoustic and I feel that the mood and lyrics of the song also really suit acoustic.

The track consists of guitar, piano and vocals and opens with a very heartfelt guitar riff, the vocals are quite husky but very smooth, gliding from note to note thus coming across very effortless, all elements fitting together amazingly to compliment the emotion conveyed by the lyrics, which also comes across really well as you can feel the emotion in the vocals due to the lyrical content, and it comes across very believable.

I would recommend checking out their stuff here.


Panic at the Disco – The Ballad of Mona Lisa.

Ok so I must admit I did lose it a bit with P!ATD after their 2nd album Pretty Odd. I liked their first album and old stuff like ‘I write sins…’ and this seems to show a step back in that direction, and I must say I think it’s wicked.

The song opens with a creepy yet intriguing music box-esque sound and drops in with the drums and vocals which foreshadow some kind of build up, which comes in the form of the bridge, the chorus being the climactic point, exploding with ‘WOAH! Mona Lisa’: a sure fire crowd belter for future gigs, thus, showing a sense of a quiet/loud dynamic which also comes through in Brendon Urie’s vocals.

In regards to the vocals, I LOVE the sound of Urie’s voice on this track and how it forms around certain words, particularly the higher note Mona Lisa and the bridge, ‘Say what you mean, tell I’m right, and let the sun rain down on me’. The track ends with the same music box music and a haunting last phrase from Urie, showing the song to be well-rounded as it comes full circle.

So… Grabs your attention? Check. Makes you want to sing along? Check. Explosive beat? Check. Smooth gliding vocals? Check. Need I say more? 

Bring Me The Horizon ft. Lights.

The violin opening to this track was a surprise to me, as with BMTH’s previous songs such as They Have No Reflections, you wouldn’t really expect it.

Also a little departure from that is the style of the vocals as you can actually identify coherent words and phrases, which also surprised me as like I said if you listen to something like They Have No Reflections words are undistinguishable.

The mix of the violins and vocal style was quite striking yet did fit together nicely, Lights’ vocals coming in to compliment that, and to add a somewhat haunting end to the track. The track does have a thrashing instrumental middle 8, but all in all the song wasn’t something I would’ve expected from them and I feel with a band like this it’s either going to work or REALLY not work, and in this case they pull it off, producing quite a shouty yet haunting track.


Bury Me In LA – Young Lust Seekers.

This is the solo project of Cardiff based Colour of Fashion vocalist Kattie Pearce. Kattie has amazing talent as a vocalist, sharing qualities of current mainstream artists, her vocals being very strong.

The track opening put me very much in mind of Jeffree Star’s style of music, and the electro/pop instrumental gives the track that kind of electro/dance element. When Kattie’s vocals drop in they have the strength to carry themselves and not really need much else as they can hold their own without frills and added extras, and the chorus, as well as the song in its entirety, is very catchy and I find it’s hard to shake from my head for a while after listening to it.

Check it out here.


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