Book Club: Kissed By An Angel, by Elizabeth Chandler

(Schoolgirl Ivy falls for Tristan, yet when their relationship is cut short by a fatal accident, Tristan isn’t about to let that get in his way. Ivy soon discovers that Tristan is watching over her in his angel form and is still going to great lengths to protect her, as her life is in danger.)

Let me say right now that this blog WILL feature SPOILERS.

Ok so I finished this book last night, and let me just say, it was awesome.

First off, I liked the set up to the story as it wasn’t just boy-drawn-to-girl/girl-drawn-to-boy etc, to be honest I kind of got the impression that Ivy wasn’t interested in Tristan at all at first, yet he was relentlessly pursuing her, which did at times reach the point of needy/slightly stalker-ish for me, for instance, when Tristan rings the place where Ivy works and asks what hours she works – presumably so he can catch her there – and when he buys Ivy’s cat as a way of getting close to her. Although, that idea of his personality was dispelled when Tristan saves Ivy on the diving board, at which point you see that he isn’t just a tongue-tied boy around a pretty girl, he really does care for her. Likewise, when he offers to teach her to swim, during which time you can feel the two growing close.

When the two do get together, it feels like a very ‘ordinary’ relationship, in the sense that they fit so well together, it felt very comfortable. However, I didn’t expect the accident to occur so early on in the relationship, as it seems that they only just got together and then he’s dead. Although I feel Ivy’s grief came across well and believable to the point where when reading I did cry.
The descriptions and vocabulary used to illustrate scenes in the readers mind were very vivid and I could see the book playing out like a film in my head, which probably also added to my reaction to the story and its events.

You do get a sense of foreshadowing to whether the accident was an accident with Tristan’s last few sentences, yet when you see the characters come to that conclusion things start to click into place.

When Gregory and Ivy grow close after he is very supportive of her after Tristan’s death, after she was after his mothers suicide -even with Tristan’s doubts as he watches the two in his angel form- it made me start to like the character and those two together as he seemed loving and genuine, however, when the plot and its events start to unravel and connect in certain ways, you realise that this was all a clever ploy on Gregory’s part as you slowly see his true nature come through, the extent to which I found shocking, as, as a reader I shared Ivy’s confusion as to certain events which made the twists and revelations all the more unexpected.

I feel that Ivy discovers Tristan in his angel form quite late on in the book and that time could’ve been added to the start of their relationship to give the characters a bit more time together. Similarly, she could’ve discovered his angel form sooner and they could’ve communicated that way, however, I understand the reason for it not happening this way as it gives Tristan and Lacey -his angel helper- time to bond and develop a relationship.

I feel Ivy and Will’s budding relationship was a little bit out of the blue, as other than Ivy’s friends stating that he likes her, I didn’t really get that from him, I would’ve liked to have maybe seen some chapters from his perspective to get a real feel of his feelings, as he obviously cares about her as he helps Tristan protect her, though it could also come across that Will is being guided by Tristan and so he’s not in control of his actions.

After Tristan and Will collectively save Ivy’s life in the final showdown at the train tracks, Ivy can no longer see Tristan and when fellow angel Lacey can’t either, it becomes clear that Tristan’s mission on earth is complete and his spirit has moved on. It is heartbreaking when Ivy and Tristan share a final goodbye and he walks into the light, another reach-for-the-tissues moment.

Ivy’s vehement rejection of Will due to feeling like she was betraying Tristan, was also heartbreaking as you could tell why she was holding back and that she did really care for him, and the ending of the book, where Ivy and Will admit their true feelings toward each other signifies her finding happiness again and moving on with her life, which is quite uplifting to read as even though she loves Tristan, she has accepted he’s not coming back.

All in all, I really enjoyed this book and all the twists and turns in the plot keep you guessing from start to finish never leaving the reader bored. I can’t wait to read the next one.


3 thoughts on “Book Club: Kissed By An Angel, by Elizabeth Chandler

  1. I just read this book too and reviewed it on my blog. I though a lot of the same stuff that you did! 🙂 I think this books is actually one of the best I’ve ever read, it was just so cute, and sweet!
    Had a quick look through your blog and you’ve got some pretty cool stuff on here 🙂

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