Book Club: Angel by LA Weatherly.

(Teenage girl Willow can fix cars but that’s not all that makes her different. She’s ‘psychic’ and can see people’s futures and the different paths their choices will take them down. After she gives a friend a reading, her life is changed forever.)

The book starts from Angel Killer (AK) Alex’s perspective whereby we get a glimpse into his character and what he does, rather than just starting with Willow and introducing him later. This way we get an insight into his character and his motivations, showing that, he will be just as important to the story.

The first chapter begins with Willow and alternates between the two throughout the book, giving more of an insight into, particularly, emotions rather than giving a one-sided view centring on one character.

I loved the plot of the story, and although a little predictable (you kind of know they get together as, after being forced to spend so much time together they wouldn’t go on not speaking, as they do in the first few chapters) I enjoyed ‘watching’ their story unfold.

The romance in the story was very sweet without being sickly and making you wish one of them would grow a backbone, the happiness of the characters transferring to the reader when they find happiness with each other, as, as a reader you do kind of want it to happen. Whilst they did depend on each other and protect each other it was more down to the situation they were in, I think, and rather than it coming across as needy or too much it had a very real feel to it, and I think that was due to the severity of the situation they found themselves in, as well as the dual perspectives to give the male side of things as well as the female.

The idea of the Angels isn’t really a religious one, whilst there is a religious element to it, it isn’t overpowering and doesn’t really carry a typical religious message, it centres more on the action (The AK’s) and the love story, however, the inclusion of angels breaks the barrier of normality and heightens their sense of ‘other-ness’.

I loved the plot twists in the story which revealed things I didn’t see coming such as, (SPOILER ALERT) the revelation that Alex is the only AK left after many of the others acquiring angel burn and succumbing to the angels, the extent to what Willow’s powers entail and what that means for her, and the connection between Willow’s mother’s condition and the angels, particularly who Willow’s father is, to name a few.

The ending rounds the story of nicely, restoring a new equilibrium after the disruption, though the elements of the story could be carried on, and there is a second book Angel Fire set for release in June this year. I’ll be keeping my eye out for that, because if the amount of things these two face in this book, is anything to go by, the Church Of Angels won’t be finished just yet, so neither will Alex and Willow.


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