Book Club: Halo by Alexandra Adornetto

(Three angels are sent to earth after the frequent emergence of freak accidents due to ‘The Dark Forces’ to protect the unsuspecting humans, however, when one of the trio develops feelings for a mortal boy will the mission be thrown into jeopardy?)

I finished reading this book today after starting it a week or so ago, and I loved it.
I was sucked in to the story straight away. The plot involves a religious element regarding angels and heaven and hell, but I wouldn’t say that was all-consuming to the story, as I’m not overly religious and I didn’t find it overwhelming.

The descriptions given were very vivid and I found it was easy to create a picture in my mind of what I was reading. However, if this book were ever made into a film I doubt the actors chosen to play angels Gabriel, Ivy, and Bethany – and possibly even human boy Xavier – would ever do them justice.

I found Xavier and Bethany’s relationship very intense, and while it is sweet in places, in others it does border on needy. Although all in all I did enjoy that aspect of the story, as it produces many twists – particularly in the last few chapters with the emergence of character Jake Thorn – that you don’t see coming.

I also liked the idea that Bethany doesn’t even know herself when or if her ‘family’ will be summoned back to ‘The Kingdom’ (heaven) and even if she will get to say goodbye to Xavier before that happens. That in itself, made me want to read on to find out how the story would progress and if Beth would wake up one day to discover she was back in The Kingdom – without Xavier. Or if the godly powers would see all the trials and tribulations the couple go through and grant her allowance to remain on earth.

The book ends on a sense of equilibrium that teeters over the edge on the very last page, to produce a cliff-hanger that immediately grabs your attention after you’ve just started to relax and think the story is going to end on a simple note, to leave you wondering what is going to happen next.

I assume there is going to be a – if only one- sequel as in the acknowledgements section the story is referred to as “The Halo Series.” If so I will be looking forward to reading more of Beth and Xav’s story. I was amazed when I discovered that Alexandra Andornetto is only 18 – having her first book published at the age of 14 – as the story includes very adult themes that a younger reader may not fully appreciate. As well as this is the way the writing is executed, as I assumed that –stereotypically- the author would be of a more mature level. It just goes to show that imagination is ageless and when you love something enough you can become great at it no matter what your age.


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