Book Club: Books I’ve read Part II

So this is a continuation of the last blog, in that it is going to speak about books I have  previously read. Then the next blog in this vein will begin the reviews straight after I’ve read them.

5. Infinity: Chronicles of Nick by Sherrilyn Kenyon.

(A boy enrolls in a school where people start showing strange behaviour and soon have to fight off a hoard of zombies.)

I originally picked up this book because I was intrigued by the front cover and the synopsis on the back. but found myself a bit disappointed by it.

I felt It  didn’t have much substance as I felt the plot was very thin and didn’t captivate me as much as other books I’ve read. I thought the story was dragged out a lot longer than it needed to be and I found the story almost predictable, and by the time I’d finished it I didn’t have that urge to buy the next one and know more.

6. Nightworld by LJ Smith

I’ve only read the first book in this series so far, and I did enjoy it, but it was kind of an easy read, it wasn’t one of those books that I got so captivated by that I read it really quickly. However, I did like the way that the characters in the different stories link.

There are 3 stories in each volume and in this book was Secret Vampire, Daughters of Darkness and Enchanteress. The first story centres around a girl who is dying and has only one way to be saved, and the character of Ash appears in this story as the cousin of the main guy in the story. Whereas in the next story Daughters of Darkness Ash is an integral part to the storyline as it centres on his sisters as well as his feelings for a human girl. Enchantress centres on two characters Blaise and Thea who are also briefly introduced in one of the previous plots, so they all share a link.

I did enjoy the stories and I did want to read on to see what happened but like I said it was a rather easy read and didn’t captivate me as much as let’s say ‘The Vampire Diaries’.

7.Dark Heart Forever by Lee Monroe.

(Jane has recurring dreams involving the mysterious Luca, who is more real than Jane thought. Although she has feelings for him she distances herself and meets new boy Evan, who she wants more than anything, but is everything as it seems?)

I LOVED this book! It grabbed my attention completely and I read it within a day. The plot has so many twists and turns and once I got to the end maybe 6 or 7 chapters I couldn’t put the book down just wanting to know what would happen next. I’m not going to ruin it for anyone but there are so many plot twists, and things you wouldn’t expect that when you get to the part in the book where the secrets do start to unravel you just want to keep reading! When I finished the book I was really anxious to read on to see what was going to happen and I can’t wait for the next book ‘Dark Heart Rising’ to come out.

8. The Last Song by Nicholas Sparks.

Check out my previous blog on this book here.

9. The Dark Divine by Bree Despain

(Grace Divine is the daughter of a Pastor and very straight-laced. The reappearance of an old friend turned enemy – particularly of her brother’s- Daniel sparks something in Grace she fought to bury, but spending more time with him shows her a side to him she never knew existed.)

I really enjoyed this, it was a little bit slow getting going -I was on chapter 8 and still didn’t know what the previous disturbance had been – but once it did pick up momentum and you start to find out things I was really drawn into it. It was well-rounded and explained everything which left you with a satisfied feeling that you knew the complete story, and I’m looking forward to reading the sequel ‘The Lost Saint’.

10. The Wolves of Mercy Falls Series by Maggie Stiefvater

(Grace finds herself drawn to the wolves in the woods behind her house and will do anything she can to protect one yellow eyed wolf from harm, however, it is when she meets Sam with startlingly familiar eyes that things start to make sense.)

I really enjoyed this book and its sequel Linger, and I really like how Sam and Grace’s story unfolds, particularly at the end of Shiver when *Spoiler alert* you don’t know if Sam is alive or dead.

Linger was very much the same sort of pull for me, I really enjoyed it, and it was nice to see into the minds of ‘Isabel’ and ‘Cole’ to give another side to the characters and find out why the were the way they were, but this at times also did slow down the real plot involving Sam and Grace which I was more interested in.

I thought the ending of Grace *Spoiler Alert* becoming a wolf was pretty predictable as it was stated in the opening of  the book which I thought took away the element of surprise. However, I am looking forward to reading the third book ‘Forever’, to see what happens to Grace and if she – like Sam – *Spoiler alert* is cured.


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