Book Club: Books I’ve read.

I thought this would be an interesting, ongoing thing to do as I read a ridiculous amount of books.

So in this first one I’ll just take you through the books I have read and briefly say what they were about and whether I enjoyed them or not, not really going into too much detail as these are the ones I read quite a while ago (I’ll split these into three different posts as there are quite a few.) However, in the posts to follow this I’ll speak about each book after I’ve read it to give more of a fresh opinion.

Let me just add here and now that I love books that involve a love story, particularly those that also involve a supernatural element (with the exception of a few) so just be forewarned :).

1. The Twilight Saga – Stephanie Meyer.

(EVERYBODY must know what this is about in some form, but just in case you don’t, in the simplest form it’s vampire falls in love with human girl.)

Ok so this was the series that actually started me reading as I do nowadays (like all the time!) and I really loved it.
I read each book literally one after the other and cleared the series within a matter of weeks and I am a firm believer in the fact that books are -the majority of the time-better than movies, and that is true in this case.

2. The vampire Diaries Series – LJ Smith.
(2 Vampire brothers fall in love with a human girl, which leads to some surprising events and happenings.)

I was bought the first two books of this series and at first I really didn’t get into it. Then I started watching the series on ITV2 -which I absolutely LOVE!- and decided to give the books another try, and persisting with it really did pay off as I cleared the first six, the last of which I finished in june of 2010 and after reading them one after the other I was eager to buy and read the 7th book ‘Midnight’, only to find out it wasn’t coming out until March of this year! So after a very long wait I bought and read the last one which didn’t fail to amaze me, particularly the end chapters -which I won’t give away for anyone that is waiting to read it – to which I thought ‘That can’t be the last one!’ So I’m hoping there will be a few more :).

3. The Immortals series – Alyson Noel.

(A mortal girl called Ever meets and falls for the mysterious Damen who turns out to be anything but mortal, which leads ever to discover some things about herself.)

I bought the first book in this series -‘Evermore’- after reading the blurb on the back of the book in a bookshop. I thought it sounded really interesting and it was the type of book I would read (with the whole complicated love story.) So I read this, really enjoyed it and wanted to read on to find out more, but with a very long wait between the books being released it took a while, however, I did get up to date with the series, each book captivating my attention as much as the previous one with all the twists and turns the story presents.

I recently read the most recent book of the series ‘Night Star’ and managed to finish that within about 5 days, and with 40 something chapters to get through, that’s saying something.

4. Hush, Hush by Becca Fitzpatrick.

(mortal girl grows drawn to schoolboy patch, who turns out to be less of an ordinary boy than she thought.)

I was originally drawn to this book because of the cover (pictured below.) Then when I read the synopsis I was even more intrigued.
The book had a lot of twists, particularly toward the end when the plot starts to unravel and the secrets come out and things start to add up and make sense. Much the same with the sequel ‘Crescendo’, perhaps even more so with that one as its further on into the story and things happen with certain characters that you just wouldn’t expect, Crescendo was also left very open-ended so I’m really looking forward to the 3rd book in the saga ‘Silence’ -which is going to be released on the 4th October this year- to carry on the story and to see what ultimately happens in the end.

You can get blurbs and information on all the books I’ve mentioned on most bookshop sites (I use Waterstones.) I wouldn’t recommend using Wikipedia unless you don’t mind stumbling across spoilers! :).

The next blog in this category will be another one on books I’ve read previously (as if I put them all int oto one post it would’ve been WAY  too long!) and then, as I said,  I’ll go on to commenting on books after I read them.



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