My Interview with Lennox


Female fronted Power pop band want their musical “orgasm” to last forever.

“Bouncy alligator orgy.” That’s the way this female fronted 5 piece from the North East of England would describe their sound in three words, and when answering the questions presented to them you can tell of the cheeky, playful natures that make up the Power Pop outfit that is Lennox.

“We’re all misfits who came together accidentally, but it works!” states bassist Paul Armstrong. The band – completed by Kim Waterson on vocals, Stuie Blair on guitar, and James Waterson on drums – took their name from the Transformers character Sgt Lennox, and like their authoritative namesake have been powering ahead and destroying all in their way since their formation in June 2010.

Rising from the ashes of other musical projects the band have  recorded an EP -Make A Million, now available on ITunes- with Matt O’grady (You Me At Six, Deaf Havana.) Guitarist Stuie Blair says of the recording experience, “We haven’t experienced anything like it with anyone else we’ve recorded with, the slick, professional skills of Matty teamed with relaxing and fun surroundings really made the whole trip awesome. We’re never going to go anywhere else.”

As well as this the band completed a 14 date UK tour over the months of February and March. “The tour was a great experience for us and our livers,” says vocalist Kim Waterson, she goes on to playfully add “I’m sure ya’ll can agree that tasting the local beverages is just as important as the shows!”

Also in the pipeline for the guys is a tour of the Netherlands later this year. “We will let you know how we get on over there,” Kim adds, “apparently all the bands get free beer all night long, BOOM!”  It sounds like there are fun times ahead for Lennox.

When speaking of the previous tour and the crowds reception to the band, Kim says, “Every show has been amazing and the crowds have been so fun, Glasgow and Leeds RULED!” she also says, “The bands we’ve met and watched have also been incredible, big up to our bro’s in City of Statues.” And although reluctant to name their favourite place to play as it is still very early days for the band, Stuie explains, “It’s still too early days because we would love to travel more in the future, but I adored Scotland – the people are fantastic – and London was a buzz!”

So, you may find yourselves asking, what am I in for at a Lennox show?  Bassist Paul explains, “We bring our personalities to the stage, each one of us is so different as a person, but when we’re on stage we all have a ball.” And by the sound of their music that fun resonates in every chord and melody to transfer to its listeners to leave you with a huge smile on your face. Kim adds “This means the world to us, rocking out, hanging with the bros and writing music is in my blood, music is a never-ending orgasm that you couldn’t get bored of if you tried.

So, I hear you ask, what is next for Lennox? “WRITE WRITE WRITE! GIG! GIG! GIG! Then we’ll talk to you again ;)”

So if you like what you’ve seen, you can check Lennox out here:

And watch this space for more news on the whirlwind of colour, catchy tracks and fun that is Lennox.


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