Tracks I’m loving.

Just Tonight by The Pretty Reckless

The song starts with a very sombre sounding guitar – and Taylor Momsen’s fantastic vocals until the song explodes into the chorus.

This song is a much slower effort than previous releases ‘Miss Nothing’ and ‘Make Me Wanna Die’ thus showing the bands ability to captivate the audience with down beat songs as well as up tempo rock tracks. There is no mistaking the incredible talent Momsen has and how well the vocals, and music fit together and work as a whole.

I recommend buying the album, if you’ve liked any of their previous stuff, I doubt you’ll be disappointed.

Lions Roar Tigers Bite by The August Name

I came to hear of St. Petersburg, Florida based band The August Name through them liking a comment I left on You Me At Six’s album artwork on facebook. I saw that they’d liked it and I was like ‘hmm? who are these?’ so I gave them a listen and I quite like what I’ve heard of them. They’re sound is very current and the tracks are really catchy, and after a few times of hearing this song I couldn’t get the line: ‘Don’t become my enemy, you won’t make it out alive’ out of my head for quite a while. I’ll be keeping my eye on them :).

Everything Must Go by Ghost of a Hero

I’d had this band’s old incarnation We’ll All Be Heros on MySpace, I since found out that they had disbanded and such, so when I went onto MySpace for the first time in ages I thought to myself  “Who are this band Ghost Of A Hero in my top friends?” then I figured out that it must’ve been a complete revamp of the We’ll All Be Heros page.

I gave their -at the moment, only- song ‘Everything Must Go’ a listen and I found that again the sound was very current to what is popular in the rock music industry at the moment and I really liked the different elements it incorporated; tuneful male american-style vocals, a little bit of ‘screaming’ as well as some echo style vocals, with a small guitar solo that put me in mind of something you would hear on a metal record. 

However, this combination of styles work well together to create a song that is whole and polished, and with its very catchy hook ‘Everything you see must go’ I found it hard to get this out of my head after.

My Generation by Limp Bizkit

I’ve always liked and listened to a bit of nu metal, like songs here and there, like Papa roach, Linkin Park etc and I found this again on YouTube and I just really like it. Great song. Simple as.

Knives and Pens by Black Veil Brides.

Higher and Higher by The Blackout, and planetary (GO!) by MCR as we already know I’m a fan :).


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