The Changing of an Industry: Downloads VS CD’s Bespoke article.

The practice of downloading music has become normality in today’s society, thanks to companies like Apple and programmes like ITunes. However, that luxury has not always been at our disposal.

First there was vinyl, then cassette tapes, and the CD. Though the advance in technology has seen popularity for downloads on programs like ITunes soar. Could it be said then that the public are becoming lazy as everything is at their fingertips?

For me there is nothing better than going into shops like HMV and browsing the aisles, the colours and designs of album artworks catching your eye, and coming out of the shop with a tangible CD to go home and play.

The excitement and allure of this has somehow been forgotten among many of us, as downloading is far more accessible and less time-consuming. However, I feel that any proper music lover would still venture out to buy their music, maybe with the occasional download to make sure they like more than one song on an album.

So, with an industry – and a society – leaning toward progression in technological development is it possible that further development could cause -and will-the CD  become obsolete, as vinyl and cassettes did before it?


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