Tracks I’m Loving.

You know the drill…

You Me At Six – Rescue Me

Hmm, how to start this? You me at Six have been my favourite band for the last 4 years and having seen them live 4 times you could say that starting this track list with this song would be fitting <3.
I’ll be honest I was a bit apprehensive to listen to this at first as I didn’t quite know what to make of it… But I fucking love it!

Josh Franceschi’s vocals accompanied by just a piano in the first few seconds is amazing on the ears and when the drums make their explosive entrance which leads into Chiddys rap verses, it is made apparent just how well two opposing styles of music can come together.
Love the quiet/loud dynamic (the piano riff and the soft sound of the verses combined with the typical YMA6 style rock chorus) throughout, and can’t deny the prettiness of how the vocals and music fit together, likewise for the beauty of how the lyrics are phrased and put together.

It’s too catchy for its own good, well done lads 🙂 

The Blackout – Silent (when we speak)

Ok so I’ve gone a complete ‘Blackout’ kick after seeing them live with MCR
(and I didn’t want to include any MCR in this as I thought it would’ve been too obvious!)
Whilst my favourite song by them chops and changes, I think this song is absolutely AMAZING!

Gavin Butlers voice, so effortless and smooth throughout the verses is one of the elements of its beauty, the quieter dynamic also helping to showcase the beauty of the lyrics. The chorus exploding in true ‘Blackout’ style; the vocal harmonies of Butler and (Sean) Smith adding to its beauty.

This track shows a softer side to the lads -for example little snippets of lyrics such as ‘I can’t be on my own’ – and is much different to previous efforts such as ‘I’m a Riot?…’ so much so that you’d be forgiven for thinking it could be a different band, this not being a negative quality but showing the versatility of the band.

White Lies – Love Lockdown

This is actually a cover done for Radio One’s ‘Live Lounge’, the original was done by Kanye West (?!) but I really like this version.

The sound of the vocals together with a steady drum beat and the odd chord strum on the guitar, in the first instance comes across quite haunting, and when the vocals are projected it is almost unbelievable that a voice of that magnitude could come out of such a small guy.

The vocals and instruments together sound great together adding to the slightly haunting nature of the track. I definitely prefer it to West’s version!

Though you can’t deny (apart from the repetitiveness of bits that aren’t the chorus) the lyrics are very real; it seems derived from a very common situation and sounds like something someone would feel but not be able to necessarily verbalise in the right way.

There For Tomorrow – Icebox

Another cover! This one was originally done by Omarion.

The first few bars of the track sound slightly happy but with a very obvious sombre undertone; like wearing a mask, which in turn, fits with the lyrics. And whilst the first few bars of this track sound very Luke Pickett-esque the lyrics and vocal style contrasts.

Despite the lyrics being of an R’n’B nature, the lyrics are given a different feel and stand out pretty well in the arrangement. All in all the melodies and use of instruments sounds pretty and the vocals were done well. The adaption works!  

Taylor Swift – Mine

Notice how the majority of the time I do my ‘Guilty pleasures’ last? hmm? 🙂

To be honest I don’t really see this as a guilty pleasure at all, because to do what I do I believe that you need to have an open mind to all music styles, even if you don’t personally rate it you need to be able to appreciate its virtues as well as its vices, and I actually quite like Taylor Swift.

From her song writing down to her voice, I think she’s great. Her lyrics are always real and truthful, which makes them all the more relatable for the listeners.

I just love the way this song’s put together, from the instrumental to the vocals through to the lyrics, it’s an all round, great song, which also encompasses what every girl wants in the lyrics. Absolutely Beautiful!



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