My Chemical Romance, World Contamination Tour, Wembley Arena 12/2/11. THE SUPPORTS.

I’m going to split this blog into two: One blog for the support acts and one blog for the MCR set. This is because, looking back through what I’ve written, the section on ‘LostAlone’ and ‘The Blackout’ is pretty lengthy on its own. So to break things up a bit that’s how I’m going to work it. This blog is about the support acts.

So as you can probably guess from the title I went to see My Chemical Romance live at Wembley last Saturday, and let me say, it was F***ING AMAZING.

We managed to get there early so were in our seats well before the supports came on, and we were pretty close to the stage so I wasn’t complaining.

The first support were Derbyshire based outfit ‘LostAlone’. Now I will admit, I’d heard of LostAlone in passing but never listened to any of their stuff (and I hadn’t known who the support acts were, as on my ticket it just said ‘plus special guests’, otherwise I would’ve checked them out before hand) and I think the worst thing at a gig is to get roped into going and not knowing any of the words to any of the songs, otherwise it can just sound like noise.
Sadly this is what LostAlone’s set felt like to me. I could hardly make out any of the lyrics and the guitars and drums were very high up in the mix. As well as this the way they looked and conducted themselves was rather shambolic; lead singer Steven Battelle wearing an oversized white shirt and black trousers, with his black hair covering his face. However, Battelle did seem like a nice guy saying how he “Fucking love(s) it” in a room with so many “Like minded people”.
Though in all honesty, I think I would’ve enjoyed the set more if I’d have known the lyrics to sing along and be able to distinguish and identify what I was listening to, as from the stuff I’ve heard on youtube since, they’re not that bad. 🙂

The second and final support act were Welsh 6 piece, ‘The Blackout’.
Now this is the second time I’ve seen ‘The Blackout  supporting (they also supported YouMeAtSix on their last tour in December.) and they were AWSOME.
Screams errupted from the crowd as soon as the band emerged in darkness, and as the lights went up a very high-pitched ‘WAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAH!’ was the greeting we got from Sean Smith before launching into their first song of the night.
Smith was hard to take your eyes from, playing to the audience and looking slick in his skinny jeans and leather jacket, ditching his trademark long fringe in favour of a shorter spiky quiff type do, almost making him hard to recognise.
Smith first demonstrated his cheeky nature spitting into the air and catching it either back in his mouth or in his hand and although that sounds gross, Smith is obviously a very charismatic and entertaining frontman who evidently knows how to work the stage and the audience, at one point jumping from the stage and into the crowd whilst singing. (Picture below:)

Similarly, Smith commanded the crowd to get on their knees to have them spring up when the beat dropped in exclaiming “If this works you’ll be glad you we’re a part of it” and “If you like MCR you will get down now!”

When showing support for and asking the audience to  ‘give it up’ for Lost Alone and My Chem, they playfully asked the audience to “Give it up for the worst band on the bill…THE BLACKOUT”. Despite this the audience cheered, so were stopped by the band who then asked us to boo and hiss at them, Smith joking “Fuck The Blackout”. Throughout the set the level of respect the lads have for the headliners was made apparent, thanking them multiple times and cheekily exclaiming to the crowd: “We know you’re excited, we’re all Fucking excited!”.

The band also did a cover of Willow Smith’s ‘I Whip My Hair’ leading into their single ‘It’s high tide baby’ (video clip below) which was both unexpected and completely genius:


and also played an exclusive new song from their new album ‘Hope’, entitled ‘Higher and Higher’, enlisting the audience’s help with a ‘woah’ refrain, Smith very ‘technically’ explaining to the crowd that there’s a bit that goes “JUM JUM” then he would point to us for us to sing “Woah”. The song had never been played live before and apparently London “set a very high standard” I’m guessing in terms of reaction to. 🙂 And if the crowd reaction was anything to go by tonight, ‘The Blackout’ should be very happy little chappies, the crowd united in punching their fists in the air and singing along with Smith and Gavin Butler (also on Vocals) throughout the set.
This is a band who know how to put on a good show and are clearly loved by their fans. What more could you want?

(MCR SET REVIEW COMING NEXT :):):)!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!)



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