My Chemical Romance, World Contamination Tour, Wembley Arena 12/2/11. KILLJOYS MAKE SOME NOISE.

Continuation of last blog. Part 2 of 2. HEADLINERS!

After a very lengthy set change – During which pictures relating to the Killjoys album we’re shown on the big screen to wet the audience’s appetite, which they certainly did – more screams erupted as the lights went down and the voice of Dr. Death Defying with the albums opening track Look Alive Sunshine Filled the room.
A screen had been put up to cover the stage, this stayed in place until the explosive opening refrain of Na Na Na to which the crowd screamed and chanted along with, many times frontman Gerard Way – easily identifiable with his new bright red hair – holding his mic into the air inviting us to sing it.

The second song of the night was Give ’em Hell Kid from 2004’s ‘Three Cheers for Sweet Revenge.’ They played a mix of songs that spanned across every album, also playing tracks from their first record, 2002’s ‘I brought you bullets you brought me your love’  and 2006’s multi platinum ‘The Black Parade’.

One thing that is noticeable is the break from ‘…Parade’ in the lack of theatrics involved; no props, no costumes, no makeup, just a wicked light show and the boys, which to be fair, is all it really needs: The emotion and rawness, crowd reaction and the connection between the crowd and the band was what made it a great show.
Gerard proving he is a fantastic and captivating frontman who gives 110% in every single song and is hard to take your eyes from, whilst still being able to play around with the audience, at one point playfully standing sideways on and smacking his ass, and introducing Destroya in a Dracula-esque funny voice. The band didn’t really have much to say between songs either, rather, letting the songs speak for themselves and the audience take what they want to take from it.
And the crowd certainly didn’t mind, collectively punching our fists in the air to the likes of Sing and singing along to songs such as I’m not ok and Welcome to the Black Parade – during which Gerard made a face when singing the lyric I’m not a hero, as if to point out, he wasn’t.

During the set Gerard made it clear how much the band loved London, at one point saying  “I think we’re going to have to move here.”
At one point a crowd member threw a union jack print jacket onstage, which Gerard proceeded to pick up and thank the person for it. He then asked the crowd “Do you think it’ll fit?” then hung it on a piece of equipment saying “I’ll find a place for this.” However, the crowd were having none of that and began to chant ‘Put it on’, to which Gerard ran and collected the jacket and put it on, saying “I think that’s kinda nice” and proceeded to play Teenagers with it on, before taking it off saying that it was too hot to wear it.

Not that you can see it very well but he’s wearing the jacket!

Gerard also enlisted the audience’s help leading into set closer Helena by way of “Tradition”, inviting the audience to repeat him. (video below, Not my video.)


However, us crowd members wouldn’t quite let them go yet and so they re-emerged to play a 2 song encore.
Gerard walked back onstage in darkness whilst the keyboard played the first bars of the beautiful and extremely moving track, Cancer. Alone, illuminated by one light behind him, the audience singing along to every word. This song demonstrates what good song writers My Chemical Romance are and the emotion that they pour into every song. It was beautiful, in every sense of the word.
The same can be said for when they played The Ghost of You earlier on in the set, using the keyboard to create a slower, more sombre and even calmer version of the song until the explosive ‘Woah’ ‘s during the middle.
The second encore of the night was the explosive Vampires will never hurt you.

The band then made a no frills exit, simply walking off stage, Gerards last words being: “LONDON WE’RE MY CHEMICAL ROMANCE!” That, they certainly were and that’s why I love them.

All In all, it was a WICKED set and an all together amazing night. My Chemical Romance are an amazing live band and Gerard Way is one hell of a frontman. They evoke so much emotion, beauty and passion in their performance and I think that transfers to the audience – or at least it did to me, and it made me love them all the more.
It’s something I wish that I could explain accurately with words but in truth, there are no words that will do it justice. But if you were there, or you’ve seen them live before, or you just love MCR you should get the gist of what I mean. 🙂

P.S. planetary is going to be the next single. Gerard told us when introducing sing 🙂
“This is our single at the moment, planetary’s gunna be the next single but this is our single at the moment, it’s called sing.”



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