Tracks I’m loving right now.

Hey everyone…long time no…talk, I guess.

I Hope everyone had a good Christmas and New Year ūüôā

I’ll be honest I really had no idea what to blog about for a while, and I didn’t want to be predictable and blog about xmas stuff as I can imagine everybody was doing that, and whilst I was home I just wanted to take a break from everything and be with my loved ones.

But I thought¬†I’d keep this ‘Tracks I’m loving’ as an ongoing thing as I’m always discovering and falling in love with songs.

(NB: These¬†songs are not necessarily new releases, they’re just tracks I can’t get enough of at the moment.
Also, they are in no particular order…it’s just what pops into my head haha.)


For The First Time – The Script
I love everything I’ve heard by the script so far, as it’s so honest and real, not to mention beautiful, and this song just punches a little way above everything they’ve done so far, with its catchy ‘ooh ooh ooh’ refrain it’ll stay in your head long after you’ve heard it.

When I look at you – Miley Cyrus
Ok so this may seem like an odd choice for me, and alot of people may be skeptical about it but, I recently started reading Nicholas Spark’s ‘The Last Song’ which was turned into a movie¬†starring Miley last year.
So naturally I wanted to see the movie trailer…and I heard this really amazing melody in the background of the trailer, so I did some searching and found it was this song. So I listened to it and OH MY, I just fell in love with it, I thought¬†it ¬†was so amazing and so beautiful and so…real, like the lyrics are really relatable i¬†think, and you can imagine¬† that being somebody’s life,¬† or feeling that way or remember a time when you did feel¬†that way. And alot¬†of people only see Miley for her Hannah Montanna alter ego, but I¬† think this song proves she does have some genuine talent there.¬†

Billionaire – Travis MCCoy Ft. Bruno Mars
This song reminds me of the start to my new year. It was the first song of 2011¬†that my friends¬†and I listened to and the atmosphere was just amazing. I felt so contented with my life and surrounded by my friends¬†laughing with each other¬†and having a good time, I just got the feeling 2011 would be good, and now everytime¬†I hear this song I get that feeling¬†and I can’t¬†stop smiling.¬†Also,¬†the lyrics, despite being¬†in cheek most of the time, are very inclusive to everyone, and what you could do for the greater good and I¬†like that, as¬†it’s not as selfish as it could’ve been made to be.

I’m Your Angel – Celine Dion ft. R Kelly
It’s just adorable, you could imagine this being a song a couple would¬†call ‘theirs’ or something someone would have as their first dance, and with it having a female and male vocalist, it’s like a call and response: demonstrating how in tune the couple are with each other and how they feel for one another.¬†And with¬†vocalists like¬†Dion and Kelly the melodies and harmonies are beautiful, that coupled with the musical arrangement and lyrics make it¬†very moving.

Forget you – Cee Lo Green
A great uplifting song for if you’ve just got over someone and are starting to enjoy yourself again.
It’s one of those songs that doesn’t dwell on the self pity¬†and is quite cathartic without being too ‘heavy’ in its message, like if you’re out and in a club dancing to it with your friends you can have a little laugh and enjoy yourself without being bogged down.

Miami to Ibiza РSwedish house mafia ft. Tinie Tempah
I love all of¬†Tinie¬†Tempah’s stuff I’ve¬†heard so far, it’s so energetic and it’s great for dancing to when out with your friends.

Cooler than me – Mike Posner
I think everyone knows someone who they would like to sing this to, I find it quite¬†funny. ‚̧

Love the way you lie part 2 РRhinanna ft Eminem
I Love the lyrics of this, particularly the first stanza, before the chorus as I feel that the words are gorgeous, also, I feel the lyrics could be applied to any relationship, not just one of literal violence (which is the vibe I get from this song) but just any relationship that is very intense, with two very strong and stubborn characters at the centre of things.
I also¬†like how¬†it starts off very pure with just a piano backing, and the rest of the arrangement comes in with the chorus,¬†as I think that accentuates the lyrics, and I¬†also like how Eminem’s part starts off quite quietly and then explodes with ‘so I can push you off me’, to me that kind of demonstrates how issues build quietly for a while but eventually explode.¬† All in all¬†great song, I think¬†I actually like it better than part 1!

Run Away – Devlin
A song with genuine feeling talking about feelings and events that can and do happen to people.
You could imagine this being somebody’s life.

Conversations with my 13 year old self  РPink
Ya’know the saying ‘If I knew then , what I know now’ ? this song is that. It’s¬†Pink¬†saying¬†what she would’ve said to herself at 13 had she known what she does now, and it kind of makes you realise that if you’re in a rough patch, it can get better. Pink is an amazing musician and this demonstrates Pink’s amazing genuine talent¬†at what she does.¬†¬†¬†

Eyes Wide Shut РJLS ft. Tinie Tempah
Guilty pleasure ‚̧
The lyrics are cute and¬†it showcases that JLS¬†have great voices, it’s also very different¬†(the inclusion of Tinie¬†Tempah and the ‘Club’ sound.) Love it!


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