Cars on Fire

Hey guys,

So this is another of the practice features I did while on work experience at Kerrang! in August 2009, (so some of the information will be outdated, sorry!)
There will be 3 in total. As said in the previous blog, I did not conduct these interviews myself, nor did I get paid or any of my work get printed, it was purely a means of demonstrating and honing my writing skills during my time there. Credit for the interview goes to Katie P (Kerrang!’s ‘Introducing’ feature editor at the time) 🙂


Cars On Fire – Burn the Suits.



Words by: Sophie Brown

“I guess it’s about the four of us in a room, making sweaty energetic music.” Vocalist/Guitarist for Bristol based outfit Cars on Fire Ali Ross muses. “It’s about singing about how angry we are about how shit the world is. There is so much negativity with the credit crunch and it’s such a ball ache to get anything done. We write about how annoyed we are at it all, we get up on stage to release the stress of every day.”
The group – completed by old school friends Mike Fell on guitars/vocals, Jon Pick on drums, and newest edition Steve Gregory on bass – got together in 2006 but have only started “kicking the ass out of the band” since Steve joined. “The first gig with Steve was amazing.” Ali enthuses “He brought so much energy.” and since that first gig in 2008 the band have only “got stronger.”

They seem to utilize this energy and strength within their live shows. “People will never be bored if they see us” he states, “We get involved and interact with our audience.” Ali also encourages fans that go to a Cars on Fire show to “Go mental, sing along, shout at us, get down the front.”

“Life is really good when we are on stage, that’s the only time we feel ok.” Although this may be true Ali insists that the quartet are “generally very happy,” and they have every reason to be as things have really started to take off. “We made a video for ‘Burn The Suits’ the other day, we are supporting Orange Goblin in September (’09), and we are playing Music Live at the Birmingham NEC. There is exciting stuff coming up, it’s mental.”
Also in the pipeline is a mini album set for release later this year (’09), recorded with Jason Wilcock (Fightstar, You Me At Six) at Stakeout Studios.
“We want to do a little tour and get out there and see what people think of it.” Ali says of the release. “We hope this is the start of something. We are making the music we want to make, and having a great time doing it.”

“There are loads of great UK bands around at the moment” Ali concludes, and we reckon Cars on Fire are certainly one of them.


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