Eyes Set To Kill

Hey Guys,

So…this is a piece I wrote whilst I was on work experience for Kerrang!

I was given this task to practice my writing skills and to also give me something productive to do when I was there. I did not get paid for this, nor did any of my work get printed, in fact most of the features had already been in the magazine previous to my work experience.

Katie P (Writer of K!’s ‘Introducing’ feature at the time) would show me the interview she conducted and I would select the certain quotes I wanted to use and write my own version of the feature using the direct quotes from there, so credit for the original interview goes to Katie P.

Here’s the video for the bands track ‘Deadly Weapons’ ft. Craig Mabbitt (Escape the Fate)
N.B – This video contains a scene involving vampires and see’s them biting people and the band staking them, as well as a particular member of the band becoming one. So watch at your own risk if you are mega squeamish or under 14.


Sisters from Arizona set to make you scream

Words by: Sophie Brown

“Our first gig was at a YMCA basketball court.” Eyes Set To Kill vocalist/guitarist Alexia Rodriguez recalls. “I didn’t think about having to put on a show for people, I just stood on one spot and it was really scary, I was only 17.” The band have come a long way since then, now with two albums and countless tours to their name, the band look set to breakout from the underground scene.

The band, – completed by, vocalist/keyboardist Brandon Anderson, second guitarist Greg Kerwin and drummer Caleb Clifton – was formed by sisters Alexia and Anissa Rodriguez, “I played guitar and (Anissa) started playing bass so that we could be in a band together.” Although the band was only started in 2005 that is not to say that they haven’t struggled, going through‘12 members,’ to result in the current line up. Also, the simple fact that the driving force was female, added pressure. ‘When people found out we were girls, they didn’t think that we were serious or any good, I was sound-checking once, playing As I Lay Dying riffs and there were guys who were surprised, no one expected us to rock that stuff.”
In regards to ’rocking that stuff’ Alexia describes the quintet as “a screamo band playing metal” yet highlights the group do not want to be categorized. “We don’t set out to write for a certain genre”, and says there are both ‘light and dark’ songs on the album.

The outfit are also eager to get on the road and expand their audience. “I really want to come overseas, we went to Brazil, it was amazing to see how people react to music…the best time of our lives.” However, at 21 Alexia is fully aware of the temptations touring can bring, “Its hard to find people who are in bands for the right reasons. You should want to write music and have fun performing. I think that some people want to do this to party and get trashed all the time, but that isn’t us.”

The bands third album ‘Broken Frames’ is out now.



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