What it’s all about…

Hi everyone,

I’m Sophie and this is my blog, and since I’ve only just started this I thought I’d use this first entry to just tell you what this blog will centre around and go from there 🙂

Ok so… This blog will primarily be about music, and will include things like:

Short reviews on new bands I hear of and like,

reviews of new releases from bands I like,

Reviews and comments about any gigs I might go to,

and just any happenings within the music industry that I want to  include.

And I’ll just add now… if you read my blog and you disagree with anything I say, that’s fine, you can disagree with me but please don’t bother with hate comments or anything like that as this is my blog and so will consist of MY opinions.

I started this blog as I love to write and I’m obsessed with music, so if you read this blog and I get to share that with you then great!

That’s about it really,

Untill next time…

Sophie x


Where Else To Find Me:

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