Past Gigs…

Hey Guys, I thought I’d just give you a run down of all the gigs I have been to up until now, as I feel that doing that will help you to identify if you like any of the same bands and if my blog will be something you will be interested in.

Having said that, it is important to bear in mind that my music tastes are quite diverse, so whilst I may like heavier bands like Bullet for my Valentine, I also like softer bands like You Me At Six and Paramore right through to lesser known (sometimes acoustic) musicians like Luke Pickett and Elissa Franceschi. However, I do like my fair share of mainstream music too, *cough* Taylor Swift.

So do keep in mind that the gigs that I have been to and the bands I shall mention aren’t difinitive, as I like a wide range of genres in music. My motto is: If I like something I’ll listen to it. But anyway…The gigs I have been to are as follows:


  • Bullet for my Valentine at the Hammersmith Apollo, Supported by: Gallows, and As I Lay Dying (The Poision tour)


  • Miss Conduct (NOW DISBANDED) at the Islington Bar Academy, Supported by: Young Guns and Blakfish (Sinner Vs Sinned tour)


  • You Me At Six at the Astoria, Supported by: Houston Calls and Farewell (Take Off your Colours tour)


  • You Me At Six at HMV Forum in Kentish Town, London, Supported by: Out of Sight and Attack! Attack!  (Kerrang! week of rock tour)


If you have seen any of these bands or were at any of these shows, leave me a comment and let me know what your thoughts were/are 🙂


Untill next time…

Sophie x


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